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Much more than we often say. Luckily for us, there's only going to be one Ritchie for this which will make our lives little bit simpler, but paperwork before race, a lot easier. Tell you it will make that paper can load easy, but nonetheless still a good entry. Jamie king vases ladies and gentlemen, Jamie king seventy Seventy-six as on provisional pole position. Fifty point, five still see seconds off as you said earlier bus eighty two, thousands of a second ahead or will hell. If they had some interesting racing over the course of the last race meeting Jamie king struggling Manny at large. L. Howarth though not struggling here at the moment. Fifty point three's just a bit ahead of Jamie king charleena's bit. Now with fifty point, five noisy Mooney for hundreds of a second often mistakes off. Jamie king downs will change in just female. Just don't go get full minutes of the sessions ago. So still getting into the swing of things and it looks close hers comeback out the fifty two point five now up into eleven place. Some clouds is in seventh out of the way as well. Charleena's heading up wrote to as extends third place, four spot. Will he be able to get on that front row? So I'm Claus comes to the line this. He goes, stays in eleventh place. Grassi Banham as enforced. Charleena's bit goes pole position. So Charlie night's four, nine point, seven top of this session so far. Of course it will combine read slots for these guys out bad. Jamie kings come into line front end all over the place goes too tight, right? And at the end of the lap, Jamie king goes onto the front row, Jamie king into second place. Then Jamie king half a second off charleena's starring at the moment that would put him second. In this session, we will have to wait for confirmation. Of course before the race starts to see where that has actually put him on the grid. But at the moment, Jamie king running second looking, very, very good at planning goals, circuit north Wales for us. This weekend. Jamie king ends. Leissner she mentioned how to talk to you. We had lost. So I'm out just two weekends ago hopefully will retain some good pace over the course of the three races this weekend as well because his one thing where it's a good time 'isolation, but because a search a quick circuit could've Airlie Tepe without mine, like focus just have to stay on that line. The entirety of the session. Jamie king slowing notes, come over the line, the Matthias. He warned of some clouds. We joining the circuits after a short break, joining us bets. Just a quarter of a second. Now, ahead of will Howarth in the times, but the making way through the devils elbow vary Thais stuff that site by site China's may vary Cussing through the traffic with ease. Yeah, they go really cool up there. It was solving thousand the most team by dove, Evan, the same pace as and as will house. But nonetheless they were. They were running together anyway. House and John Nesbitt I would make for a great race. If those two were to stop pattern and gal over the ratio of that outing later on everyone just coming to the line saw classy. Seventh now clouds has got up to seventh place head of Simon class. Jason pew as John buckle is in tenth place. I'm close. Coming to the line now shakes his head, not happy with that doesn't improve your starred. The moment beim veto buys dot. Show. He won't like that, but still time for that all to change mass bit still on visual pole position, Jamie king still in second, but now heads back onto a fast up after a slightly slow to build themselves from space. China Nesbitt still ahead of will Howarth Jamie king. Richard Holmes Williams is still involve and of OSCE with down under Senate, Simon, and then some clouds, seventh and eighth, Jason, q., and John buckle in tense show. Whisker is then followed by Deutz in with Andrea joyous monk, polit month proudly. And then John Cook the top sixteen so far. A good combination of not mine is out. There is row will however, still enjoying the great pace. Let's he had read launch also down Anderson is Simon cows getting further the order on then motor team machines charleena's bit just coming through the foreign of parts of the circuit..

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