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The globalist first broadcast on the thirty first of October two thousand and nineteen uh-huh hello this is the globalist coming to you live from the Dory House in London I mean for US relations with Southeast Asia then Vladimir Houston and Viktor Shen no bill committee has decided off mid all they did the committee made a mistake will examine Ethiopia's sabre-rattling issue but this interestingly is a moment in California that is very of average for this time of year additionally we'll get the business news the APEC and Cop Twenty five because of widespread protests in recent weeks mystical odds a move that's winning praise from Democrats and scorn from Republicans ahead of a highly unpredictable December poll and now to the top the Japan the United States Australia New Zealand and India will meet in Thailand Indo Pacific with one notable absence Donald Trump who this year didn't even the University of Birmingham Good Morning Scott now trump attended is this a deliberate snub well I think it's more about trump's senses economic agencies the State Department still see the is very different however from a donald trump on a personal level while a couple things one is he doesn't awards when everybody says how wonderful he is but we know from his experience say with the fact that he is in deep domestic trouble with the gathering storm over the trump Ukraine affair oh most consequential region for America's future so I wonder how committed trump Ryan trump's not committed to the region there's a lot of dispute over whether the United States should be part of the trans-pacific nations and bilateral relations rather than multilateral means that conflict with China on or even South Korea doesn't really matter as much when Donald trump is thinking moment I just want to discuss the south China Sea for for a second I mean as we know for not expect rcn to resolve sovereignty disputes and that it's not a court so is there relations is that you have a policy which isn't just completely China is projecting its power in the region not just militarily but economically yeah ACN ACN can't resolve that on its own and it won't resolve down symbols on I wonder if there's an argument that it might actually be beneficial to the others the megyn nobody wants from a trade war and let me just say this I mean the the Americans don't trees in the region to clearly separate the trade war and the economic the confrontation across all fronts that you really have an escalation that is extremely for development which has been official to all and they are not they without rebuffing you think the absence of trump is a boon China. Oh I I he assumed the secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross but who's a man in his eighties who's not really known for inexperienced and and I think the Chinese can continue to take comfort in the fact news and that Donald Trump would prefer basically to project American power through twitter. Well the IT makes a difference who you said as you started off this item where they make a difference and then as a more detailed matter it is important the full delegation Securely Youth Authority if they have high ranking backup and let's be honest on issues far the broader problem that will both affect the summit and exists beyond it yeah it's been canceled now how serious is that well again is the cancellation is not helpful in terms of it removes a form where you can't have conflict that we have identified and right now you have got up position of tension let's be honest a very uncertain American policy and you've got the uncertainty because the world may what's on a day to day basis to deal with these issues Scott thank you very much indeed that was Scott five thousand hours of audio every minute of every show with broadcasts since we launched you'll find well-stocked with clothing books trouble accessories fragrances I'm was eighteen resort guides it's all there for you at Monaco Dot Com. What are you waiting for yesterday? Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Auburn and Russian president least after the meeting Oban said Hungary sought to take a step forward every on the line is Valerie Hopkins Southeast European correspondent for the F. T. go why is it to Orban's advantage to cozy up to Putin since early two thousand Sixteen v Bilateral meeting a no e- You are NATO leader has being above his way to Hungary accountable point eight percent of the E. U.'s GDP prominence they are also of course reliant on on energy imports from of course for Mr Orban's he's interested in maintaining good relations as he broken sanctions the day before Mr Putin's visit there was a high profile. US many years now you know he said Hungary lives on this Berlin Moscow. Istanbul Stephen What's in it for Russia driving wedges Mr Putin is fostering this relationship with Hungary he can and etiquette in in Turkey while again Turkeys member of NATO and of course I think that there is very much it's this personal drive from Putin's point of view that be at Nordstrom to in the Norfolk stream in the south to particularly so he can avoid so there is an economic side to it as well but I think really unfortunately back sanctions and so on but the has been a certain amount of interference in both e ways that Hungary is being quite obstructive lately has been in blocking the NATO targets the native russian-speakers in the East but also cleaning language so because of this Hungary has been obstr- constantly obstructing not that that while the grievances may be legitimate there are there are a number of other countries other issues like the International Investment Bank which is the former comic con living that's paying for other innovations and they also the parliament pledged to a lot of the Western allies have been extremely concerned about the fact that the bank could be used agent activity all over Europe Stephen The point that battery makes their about ethnic stopping ethnic Hungarians in Ukraine from speaking in Hungarian it's actually about trying is the official language of the country this is part of the part of the spat with with Russia before the Russian that's what we wanted to be taught in now spin off his these ethnic Hungarians of are being told really it's pro Ukrainian that's all I did language law and how Turks stream that because of course Russia has to pay crane I mean is this bizarre situation certain advantages for for buying Russian gas so if they were able to take way of putting pressure on Ukraine and in that sense or Ben is being used I've been saying recently Valerie finally has that been any kind of final statement from he said that they plan they made great progress in their relations also he spoke repeatedly about the fact that you know Hungary clear that if if Russian gas comes to Hungary only the Ukraine that's not good for his he became a household name in Hungary was when he stood thirty years ago now to turnaround that to the extent that he's now mentioning Russia China India as as one of the countries that should be emulated in tips Mr Organ from Putin Valerie thank you very much indeed that's Valerie Hawkins Asahi dam could serve as a boot heel on the hose which irrigates it Egypt's the globalist in the world.

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