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Do you see parallels with the hollywood and the metoo movement and how can tech in hollywood partners about we can tell the story and get it out there to more broader reach the world's absolutely at i finished show inspired and encouraged by all of the women who've come forward and all of these industries and i've i've spoken to the folks at times i've gone down to it was actually in washington dc yesterday so everybody is talking about this and everybody wants to know what they can do what i think makes hollywood different is that they have reese witherspoon who can be on stage at the oscar saying like we can't stand for this and in silicon valley it's a little bit different you have so many who signed nondisclosure agreements and in their signing their voice away essentially or they have entrepreneurs like you like your business your life your livelihood depends on the success of your business and so you have to show much at risk and so i see some there has been a lot of positive change in the last year for example uber just ended forced arbitration so that if somebody had not you know without being pushed as we all know but they're no actually a rarity in corporate america because women who have a complaint against or drive against driver against an employee or a driver passenger complaining they don't have to settle that complaint him private they can settle down complete in public that's good.

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