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That was a beautiful song. Frahm our favorite market Kerman. The COG I N Frog Iran. There is nothing I mean. I guess I'm not thinking about it. I took Prague I. This is why I read. And you're you're not going anywhere in the people need us. This is tough times. I don't get to go. You don't get to go. We're stuck here John. Where are we gonNA go where here? It's time for season forty winners to roll on through to the final Wanda off while start this off with our first winners at war winner for week one. It was Adam B and Bob with two BS to talk about the state of everything right now right now. Does the King survivor right? Now you're not sure won the C. Apprise right now Adam. Klein is trying to play this song as an idol. The amount right now she would have stuck with those piano lessons right now. Jeff probst. Who's planning twist that you more? Your eight year. Easton voted out her. Now someone is reading route. Bhatt reach in rubrics voice. Right now. Ben Reaper. Can grow a stash mcbean again the Lars Right now at Embi is about these sixteen While we're traveling me last year now so fi Clark is giving a standing ovation right now. Casey Caso is working on a.

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