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Said my thaw. Hey very is in my say. Oh ojomo says oh oh i. E e all oh so nice to be able to sing when you want. And i assume people know the reason we're talking about are unfortunately is because she died in her bid nine indies. Tell us a little bit about cecily tyson particularly for younger listeners. Who probably missed much of her career. Well first of all i was i saw the trip to bountiful and that was right there singing along with everybody else. Blessed assurance is the name of the him She was fabulous in that role I think that a lot of people. Probably i came to know her from the film sounder. It was one of the early early films that had actually normal black people in them up told a particular story of a black family. One of the things that Miss tyson was saying as she was doing her book tour. Her her memoir just came out was about Answering question after the film came out and to great acclaim to everybody in the one of the white reporters saying to her. Wow so. I didn't realize i had so much bias about black people and she said what do you mean. And he said. I heard the son in the film call the father daddy and i couldn't imagine i did didn't think people did that. And she said she was so startled. She didn't have any idea how to respond to him but that was a it was a by our standards. We consider it kind of a small independent film but it just blew up. People went to see her acting was exquisite beautiful. Strong story And then i think the other one that she was really quite well known for and in fact tyler perry who was who described her as a grandmother he never had was in the middle of watching re watching the autobiography of of Miss jane pittman when he got the call from over that she had died and he felt like that was a spiritual connection People may not know that. Tyler perry has a huge studio lot in atlanta that he built and he named many of the studio sits after icons in his life and she hit was one of them is named after her So those two films and of course then she became. You know with all the new stuff particularly on the on. The on the series with viola davis How to get away with murder. That was the mean. People were talking about her role there and how great she was..

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