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Because he's being chased he doesn't wanna take a big hit. Cameras sutton happened to be two steps. Closer to that quarterback devin bush or bud duprey were so who gets the sack cameron site and didn't even touch the guy right. Those were his. That was his tackle for a loss and a sack in twenty twenty twenty twenty one in game one. He has to legitimate tackles for loss already so just much better. He he is. He has worked on being outside corner. He's prepped for it and he showed that that showed up. Yeah he gave up some receptions very little yards after the catch and just played really. Well he was beaten for a touchdown the man he was encouraged on that down a little bit slow. Great throw though. I mean that's one of those plays where you just throw beat good coverage he was in really good coverage the throw is just better. I honestly i'm going to say. I think cameras just played the best game of his. Nfl career to this point. I mean that. Because i think he's the hardest role he's had to play and he was really good so for me. Cameras sutton great rate game. We've onto james pierre. James pierre was not coming on nickel plays like they thought they might you do instead. James pierre came in on dime snaps. So cameron sutton in the nickel was outside. The kept cameron sutton outside. They put traynor would in the slot for nickel in dime. James pierre came in for one of the linebackers he played outside and sutton slid right back in to the diamondback role that he has played so well for the last three four years. Pierre was solid again not great. You don't need greatness from your number. Four cornerback right outside of one incredible. Pass up he had in the fourth quarter they kind of bit of a blown coverage and you see james pure comment and just you know tomahawk chop the ball right out of the receivers hands and it was a cool play. But it's it's even better when you look at what happened after that. And this is one of those butterfly effect place of course. The butterfly effect is the theory that like a butterfly flaps his wings over here and a soon nami happens because a chain of events occurs right james pierre on second and six knocks the ball out of a receivers hands comes in bloom. Covers receivers wide open jane spear hustles over bam knocks the ball out pass broken up its third and six on third and six cam hayward sacks josh now fourth and twelve on that fourth and twelve play miles killebrew bursts through blocks the pie and the steelers score a touchdown if james pierre doesn't recognize that there's a bride receiver wide open on that play about to catch the ball. It doesn't make it there and knock that ball down the bills convert on second six instead of third and six and a hayward sack you have a first and ten very different drive and quite possibly a different result in the final score. So that's one of those moments. I'd like to pick out where people are like. Oh you know this play was super important. Sometimes there's plays that someone makes like that it's just a hustle play just a just a catch up play. That has a bigger impact than just. Hey you know that's the now. Go to thirty six one..

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