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All you can do all you can do. Thanks I appreciate dement. The magical time of year is rapidly the approaching no. I'm not talking about spring. I'm talking about signed pointing season. We all know that beginning the night of the royal rumble. Everybody everybody who steps in the ring and finds a camera in front of them will point to the big massive wrestlemainia sign. which hopefully this year will look like a big pirate ship because because it didn't Tampa and there's a pirate ship stadium and it's cool but yeah it's crazy to me? It feels like we just did Wrestlemainia last year and here we are approaching the royal rumble. which to me is regularly kind of my favorite pay per view of the year just for the unpredictability the surprises and the stories that can be told in the context? Most of the royal rumble matches Here's to hoping another successful year with some cool surprises about Nyah. Jax last year coming out and competing in the men's Roll Rumble L.. There's usually a return or two. I don't have anything to spoil for you because I like to be surprised on my own. So that's cool and then before you know it we will be at Wrestlemainia while King Corbin Kentucky. That's right it. It became a real thing. I was buzzed by our social media. Team on Friday before smackdown When I actually mentioned my sources on the show itself I wasn't lying for once I actually had sources that told me that Corbin Kentucky a city that apparently is large enough to host? WB Live. I don't know to my knowledge that I've ever you've been there but now I will make it a point. It is a destination thanks to you the. WWe universe forced the hand of the officials in Corbin Kentucky. Not to at least for the day. Rename it King Corbin Kentucky. I texted King Corbin to congratulate him and laugh at what a ridiculous situation scenario. Areo it is and he replied but I even got a plaque and everything so hats off to you. WWe Universe never underestimate people with a goal. I hope Kim Gordon has a massive role in wrestlemainia which I have a feeling he will and while we're talking wrestlemainia talking royal rumble. I am still still late to the party as I often am because I have little to no free time tried my best to check out new Japan Kingdom. Shout out to those guys. My Guy Juice Robinson Jason who I will never forget even though. He doesn't acknowledge us. And he is disowned us. The W family. I think it's really cool. That has gotten so big. They did it over two days. which doesn't seem out of the realm of possibility for Wrestlemainia? What do you think would you be in two due to four hour wrestlemanias or three hour and a four hour rather than a thirty one hour wrestlemainia likely we had for the last few years? I want to know what you think is the Hashtag after the bell. Shoot me a tweet let me know or you into the idea of a two day WRESTLEMAINIA. I think it'd be kind of cool. Make a whole weekend out of authority as a weekend out of it when you factor in takeover over in the hall of fame and everything but I'd be into two nights of action both nights being super important if you have the universal championship on one night and the wwe championship on the other. Two true main events over wrestlemainia. Weekend rather than trying to shuffle it all together might be kind of a cool idea not my idea just a cool idea. Let me know what you think. The New Year is here here and guess what listeners. It's time to get your priorities straight. If you're not protecting yourself and your family with home security here's.

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