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On the number one. Boy, Johnny g joining me as always behind mighty studios. My nearly silent host Arthur Gabor's, Arthur shouted out. He's racking on that Nyla bone. Also joining me in the high and mighty studios. Whoa. I guess my dog almost unplugged my zoom. This is exciting. First time guest. I've been a longtime reader of you Jesse David FOX from Voltaire and the good one podcast. Hello. Hello. Energy is so much lower. That's fair ramp. It up. Yeah. No, I do this. So that the other person's like, I guess whatever I say guess campy has done is what he added just good. I lower myself. So that you to lift you up. We I I heard I I knew your name from bylines, whatever. But I I heard you on my don't get me. Started the podcast assertive inspired me to launch. I just ripped it off completely. But you talked about SNL in a such a specific way. I've never felt like I know this is so millennial of me, but I felt scene. He was a funny thing of I should say that when I I think I met you cluster. Sorry, I met you. I was talking, and it was a weird thing of being like, wait where you on this podcast episode as if I was like this famous, but to you seemingly was a very famous party. It was huge really hit me hard. And then when Maria introduce you again, this is Jesse. And I was like oh, hi Jesse. And then you started talking, and I'm like, why do I know this voice? Why do I know this name? And then it all connected on like the guy that says watching it, smells like watching sports. And you're like, yeah. What an insane fan. Boy. I really appreciate the seventy minutes of content. You put out randomly for eight thousand writing for like seven years thousands of words, and then this one podcasts I did. And I have now put it I've written it down because I feel like people need to know. And I'll linked to this link to this article. When this episode comes out to because I want more people to know about it. I think it's a change. I think it when I had it, and I put into words like, this should everyone should watch the show this way in the fact that they don't is really now annoying because I've been thinking SNL est ports for like an alpine five or so years, and then people say knowing things about SNL, and don't, you know, it's like sports they'd be like, oh, wasn't undefined this funny. It's like wasn't that one four u? Odell Beckham junior drops passes. It's like, you're just I think it's like my goal is to get more people to watch live..

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