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As one team care that strengthens our communities so that we can all thrive together It's 1118 Traffic and weather on the 8th in reedy kesslers in the WTO traffic center Right now on the bell way it is the inner loop in Virginia delays near route 50 China head towards 66 This was work reported to be along the right side Numerous work zones along 66 westbound after one 23 in the right lane Also westbound after the manassas rest area in the left lane eastbound near the rest area in the left lane and also eastbound near 29 in centerville The work also in the left lane Southbound route one before Southgate drive a traffic sign had fallen in the roadway taken the left lane 95 no reported issues three 95 looking good in either direction as well On the beltway in Maryland the inner loop flows from I 95 passing route one in college park This was worth taking the right lane also northbound two 70 in the local lanes After montrose road you lose the left side with the work than before shady grove road the right side is blocked with the work We're having some volume right now on the Baltimore Washington Parkway between powder mill road and one 97 So watch for any crash activity that may have popped up there Also be aware in the district a lot of demonstration activity going on heading to and through the afternoon This is going to be around the capitol around The White House around union station a good idea to avoid the area at least by car if you can because of all of the road closures in the area expect the redirection if you do have to drive in that area Some of these closures include 17th and 18th between constitution and H independence between 5th and third Massachusetts avenue near Stanton park Pennsylvania avenue near fourth street and possibly the exit two C street and the capitol from the northbound third street tunnel that had been closed earlier no confirmation on whether that is still closed The earlier delay is coming from the eastbound freeway into the northbound third street tunnel heavy ease so whatever work was there may have cleared At napo when it comes to serving you their motor never quits from next day delivery and curbside pickup to getting involved with local communities that's Napa know I'm Rita Kessler WTO traffic Let's go to storm team four meteorologist Lauren ricketts It's going to be a nice day today not as warm as yesterday but.

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