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This is true news on radio the evening i mean draw sorting the new york times in cbc filling in for charlie rose one cannot overstate the power of technology to change the world jared cone is at the forefront of using technology to dress of our toughest challenge is he founded google ideas in two thousand ten is our president of jigsaw its excessive accompanied is focused on a range of global security project such as protecting people from online bowling encountering violent extreme isn't before joining google jarred served at the state department under secretary is of stake under was rice hillary clinton or he pioneer the concept of digital diplomacy i am pleased to have jared cowen on this program thanks for having it thank you for coming it especially because you have just announced a new project which i want to get to immediately which is called perspective and idea about protecting people from bowling from harassment online which is something that we talk and think about so often what are you doing well so we're all familiar with the talks a city problem online it's is one of the few challenges the world that we all of had some kind of an or at least unfortunately had some kind of experience with that perspective users machine learning to detect that talks are to be our mind so that we can help publishers do something to it amended in it so you must cause call on twitter one point called that the hell scape what has happened to to culture online but i think this is humanity with us having more visibility and so you the notion of talks has to be an people being mean to each other is not new you know throughout history in every corner of the globe even today we're all sort of experiencing instances were somebody de rails a conversation but online barriers and entry are lower people concern a scary out of their faster but i think the main issue is we have to understand that the talk to city we experience online that has real world implications and went on the fake news in this instance which we get to in a moment but we're talking about the idea of what we see on social media what we see in the comment section of news stories but we see on twitter and hell.

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