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Handle so lisa why don't you you make up your mind now you can't handle when you get in your ready to go they shut the door and you start taxing how does that feel baobab essay who jesus take the wheel i'm gonna take the fact that we landed in meridian mississippi and my breaches were still dry was every would say every bumps you go did you look out the window shot it made you feel like you wanna bust it and it was a beautiful day to look at the wind we weren't going to high so you can see everything love that feeling you know because it's a little bumpy on the runway and then when it gets when it gets move but you know it takes me and it was a windy day you had some jumping around oscar the pilot gave me a heads up and he said look is going to be a little bumpy which i really didn't want to hear that oscar but he is going to be a little bob because it's windy so i i okay but then when you start out and you give bill yourself you know i knew we were we were going up and then we start going kind of rock and just a little bit in bad thing was last week i watched la bamba though i'm thinking oh my god you know buddy hall again reach you what what you say i took greg is did you not.

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