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My from npr news in washington i'm shay stevens facebook ceo mark zuckerberg is apologizing over his company's response to allegations that personal data on fifty million users was shared with a marketing firm tied to the trump campaign npr's richard gonzales has more after several days of saying nothing about the controversy confronting facebook zuckerberg set for a rare interview with cnn he said facebook has a responsibility to protect the data of its users this was a major richard trust and i'm really sorry that this happened earlier in the day zuckerberg had posted a statement on his personal facebook page citing a breach of trust between the company and platform users but the statement didn't mention an apology the ceo said facebook would give users the means to see how their data is being shared and we'll restrict third party developers access to certain information richard gonzales npr news investigators are piecing together information on twentythreeyearold david conduct the suspect in the serial bombings in the allston area christopher comb fbi special agent in charge at the san antonio division he says materials consistent with the bomb used in the attacks have been removed from condit's home in pflueger ville texas as far as a completed the fight there was no completed devices in the house there was an opponent and the homemade explosive material that we found in the house and that's what we're most concerned about making sure we were able to safely deal with that police say condit recorded a video describing the explosives used in the attacks but not a motive counted apparently blew himself up as thority closed in on him at a hotel north of austin early wednesday a major snowstorm is moving up.

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