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Very down to the bike routes three ninety three ninety five nothing in your way to and from New Hampshire David said drawing WBZ's traffic on the threes and now we go to accu weather's Frank straight with the four day forecast Tuesday nights do this evening but cloud will be rolled again tonight the wi fifty two will be stray showers in the area toward daybreak and early tomorrow as well but otherwise tomorrow it'll be breezy and warm clouds break for son of the active looks good with a high near seventy all right it'll turn cloudy again that'll be fifty three and the support system passing by weight or south can bring a little rain to the south coast Cape and islands in Monday's going to be windy cooler day it'll be mainly cloudy with a shower around Michael just Peter sixty despite partial sun it'll be even chillier Tuesday I'm just be fifty four I'm accu weather meteorologist Frank straight WBZ Boston news radio right now it's sixty eight partly cloudy in Boston at five twenty five one ten grill is located throughout New England known by the way for it's fresh and modern contemporary menu beautiful clean restaurants with open kitchens and an allergy commitment one tends core menu is available gluten free so visit one ten girl a dot com for locations it's what makes and it's time for the water cooler and someday we will get back to normal but as governor Baker reiterates we have not yet seen the downward trend this is a critical part of making the decision to move ahead so we keep up all that social distancing both on the ground and even in the air I've flown plates with only one passenger on them so they get very good treatment plated tended Lexi amada of East Boston on her New World with the airline business struggling so much another hard hit industry of course local musicians south shore artists J. Passaro us on how he never thought he'd be streaming live shows all the time it's not it's it's like it's I I never expected one day we would rely on it like there was no you couldn't be lazy no like all figured out next week it was like this is changing there's a song written and performed.

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