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And take a traffic wtmj five day forecast tonight rain some of it heavy a low of forty two degrees tomorrow morning rain a high of fifty five wednesday partly cloudy and warm i'm a high of fifty five thursday sunny sprinkles and flurries possible a high of forty two friday partly sunny high of forty three degrees there is rain right now dancing into wisconsin from northern illinois western south of janesville a pretty good line of storms is developing also west of accountable walk and dipping into canola county as well that rain will build and build and build meteorologist brian got her says could get a third to a half inch rain in some areas over the course of the next fifteen hours in waukesha it's forty three degrees in milwaukee it's forty degrees milwaukee police chief alphonso morales has been on the job a little over a month after the retirement of longtime police chief ed flynn john and i recently got a chance to speak with cheap morales about his transition and some changes he's been implementing in the department took over the department a department that you've been a part for a very long time what did you see as the key thing you needed to do that hadn't been done there's two things first of all restore a personnel back at our districts that's our front line officers getting back out on the street and removing them from nonoperational positions and the second one and this was going to be a constant is rebuilding our relationships with our more portly our community but also with our inner governmental partners as well as our system partners what i mean system partners that's local state federal law enforcement agencies along with our prosecutors and other areas like the department of corrections and that's one your first couple of months has been like.

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