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Nation's roads less safe charges are pending after man hit and killed by a stolen jeep they crashed into a CTA bus shelter on Chicago's far south side police say officer tried pulling over the white jeep yesterday after it was stolen around one hundred first in Crandon jeep sped away before crashing into a bus shelter near ninety ninth and south of van of listing in road a man sitting in the seated in the shelter was killed three people inside the jeep were arrested and those are the headlines WGN sports who's going where the N. B. A. Kevin Durant goes from Golden State to Brooklyn where I'll team up with kai rewriting and de Andre Jordan the warriors are expected to get former nat d'angelo Russell in trade Andre get dollar to Memphis bulls land forward Thaddeus ya know average twelve and six for the Pacers last season cubs dropped into a first place tie the NL central with the brewers within eight six lost to the Reds one Milwaukee was beating Pittsburgh cubs are in Pittsburgh tonight white Sox beat the twins for three to take two or three and Lucas delete James McAdam Jose a break you all named all stars finding a home of the big league sponsored by the village of Bedford park building for the future Dylan cease finally gets to the big leagues Wednesday the twenty three year old acquired by the white Sox from the cubs in the house they can Tana deal is five and two with a four point four eight ERA in fifteen starts for triple A. Charlotte the eighteenth ranked prospect in baseball and fifth ranked right hander will face the Tigers Wednesday night a guaranteed rate field back to the cubs Kris Bryant named at all star Andrew Shaw rejoins the Blackhawks traded to the hawks in a deal involving draft picks he's now twenty seven he spent three years in Montreal after winning two cups with the hawks and he'll join us next hour and today is Bobbi Bonita day Steve the former major leaguer gets another check for the New York Mets for one point one million dollars as he does every July first when you run out and set out in twenty thirty five and when did you retire he last played for the cardinals in two thousand one so thirty five years at a million a year yeah he's got sixteen more still to come he'll be seventy two when the cash is that last year pretty good for a one K. hung about about a new it yeah well the I'm David WGN sports we.

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