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That space getting rid of the formal dining room, creating the great room affect with kitchen eating area living room, all one space, and the effect of that is being able to get affected down the price of the home. The other thing number builders doing, and this was something that started with the express brand of DR Horton, one of the biggest builders in the country is eliminating. A great number of options in the plan. Because every time you add another option that perspective homebuyer say well, we'd like the door here. We like this. They are a whatever every time you do that you end up with more time. Spent more material wasted more complexity and the job and the result of those three things is you drive up the cost. So others are emulating the idea of the express a building a simplified structure and a more efficient structure to get the prices into a point that they are more affordable. Now, the other part of this. Is that a lot of first-time homebuyers have a fixation and fascination with new construction. The reality is the effective cost per square foot. You pay for a home is much lower with a used home than it is with a new home. And the us Thome will more likely be in a neighborhood that has established itself has found. It's true fair market value and is a lower risk purchase. Then that new construction plus with the shortages of labor and the increase in materials costs because of the tariffs. There's an even larger advantage right now to buying used homes versus new. When it just isn't side to tell you that I had an opportunity. Last Friday to be the speaker at an event honoring World War Two vets. And I was honored to be in the presence of several World War Two vets who fought in the European theater and the Asian theatre many who had been wounded one wounded three different times and battle in World War Two and went back into the battle after healing from each series of wounds. So three purple hearts, silver star and one person after another with these inspiring stories of what they accomplished for our nation in World War Two. And it's so important that we recognize what our veterans have done. But something that I made a point of speaking is that our veterans from more recent wars. Vietnam. Iraq and Afghanistan. The Vietnamese the Vietnam veterans they got roofed completely. They came home to an unappreciative nation people that were hostile to them called them baby killers and worse, and it was just a horror. What happened to the Vietnam? Vets the brave men and women who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan, they have been appreciated in Americans again. And again have said thank you for your service. But as I've shared within the past it's frustrating to me that our military personnel are sent back over and over again on deployments because the burden today is not shared is. It has been in prior prior war situations, and there's so much that our former military personnel knee. Need? I was touched by a story about in Kansas City where there's been a tiny home village constructed. That has two dozen plus homes that have been constructed for homeless veterans. I saw a story today about homeless women's veterans living in their cars. Lot of veterans living on.

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