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Learn how Splunk and support your missions by visiting Splunk dot com slash public sector, 1128. Time again for traffic and weather on the 8s, here's Carlos. Thanks, Michelle. So watching the delays on the outer loop of the beltway and the interlude for that matter if you're headed across the Wilson bridge. It is a little crowded there. They did have traffic stopped for just about 20 minutes or so, not to worry, they're not planning on doing that any longer tonight, just gotta wait through the delays leading up to the Wilson bridge right now. All lanes are available to you, by the way, nothing's blocked, as you head across. However, we did hear reports of an accident scene on the ramp from the inner loop of the beltway onto two 95, sounds like it's on the shoulder. So just be extra careful for them there. In Virginia, the westbound side of 66 has the work zone near the fairfax county park waits on the right side, but then as you continue westbound after the manassas rest area headed toward sudley road, you got some crash activity, sounds like a multi vehicle crash there, mostly blocking the left side of the roadway. Also sounds like it was developing not vehicles at the right side of the express lanes are actually blocked, so be careful there as well. Got plenty of delays building, so you should have plenty of time to move over. I 95 looks great from the Fredericksburg area to the Springfield interchange. Three 95 looks good as well for now. No issues to report right now in Maryland other than a few work crews here and there if you're headed in the district though Connecticut Connecticut avenue right by devonshire place still got the right side blocked with a crash scene canal road. It looks like they're in the process of clearing up the accident scene we were dealing with, but it seems the northbound side is still closed right at chain bridge follow police direction through the area. Carlos Ramirez WTO traffic. Your storm team four forecast tonight freezing rain developing, roads becoming slippery before the morning commute Lowe's near 30 tomorrow freezing rain changing to all rain, fog in the nearby hills, highs upper 30s to mid 30s, north and west, Thursday night, rain tapering to drizzle then ending lows upper 30s

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