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Of any substance, so it's dd or bust for the Reds. wise or The trade route. Trevor story. Carlos Correa. Somebody like that. Re capping Marcus Simeon earlier goes to the Blue Jays one year 18 million. Freddy Galvis went to the Orioles for one year. One million and Roten's We have Moag zesty would say We've got action and Andrelton Simmons to the twins. I will say this. The 10 million for Simmons is closer to making sense to me than the 18 Million for Simeon. Hey, God bless you. If you want to give Marcus Simeon 18 million, And then there is a suppose there's a chance. He's more of the 19 or the 2019 version, who finished third of the M V. P. But the track record says that's the out liar and the rest of his career. He's a tick below an average major league player who strikes out a lot. And whose defense isn't all that great. Now there is a mean if he if he flashes again, the flash was third best in the American League two years ago. Andrelton Simmons 10.5 is in my mind. That's that number doesn't like, shock me or surprise that that seems doable. DD if if Simmons got 10, What do you think Jeff DD gets? Ah! 40 15. I was gonna say 14, 14 or 15 all right somewhere around there and is it let's let's be real. If that's the Reds, then they're gonna have to trade somebody or they're gonna have to expand their payroll. Because what I'm led to believe of where their payroll is going to wind up. They don't have the money right now to give and or did you give d d Gregorius 14, or 15 million? So Nick Kroll's got to figure out something. Who won left Trevor story. What do we say? Jeff? Trevor story has well, one year at what 17 million right there around 18. Yeah, and in the downside to trading, obviously, as you then have to give up prospects is well in how we'll see how badly the Rockies want to get out from under Trevor story and what they'll accept in terms of you taking the salary versus you having to give them Prospects. Carlos Korea haven't heard it nearly as much about discussion wise craze one of those guys, I speak from fantasy baseball ownership. What he's healthy, He's fine. He's just not healthy enough. And that's been his problem for the last Three or four years. All right. This from Mark sheldon MLB dot com I love list never pass up a chance to do a list, especially in the off season, especially as it relates to the Reds. Mark put together. The 10 top moments. Top 10 Reds moments at Great American Ballpark. That's going back to 2003 Mark Sheldon Reds. Com MLB dot com List of the top 10 Reds moments in the history of Great American ballpark, I will give you some of these in audio form. Number 10 on the list. August 10th 2010..

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