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Host page and you're listening to reverie true crime. Today. Story comes from Australia and it's another domestic violence case for domestic violence awareness. month. This story ends extremely tragically. If you don't think you can listen I completely understand. But if you're ready, let's get into it. Hannah. Clark was an Australian woman born on the eighth of September nineteen eighty-eight. Hannah was very much into competing and sports. She was so talented she represented. Queensland. And traveling sports for four years in a row. She had even been given gold and silver medals. One of her favorite things and life was assisting and the growth of physical abilities of kids. Then what I know about Rome Baxter is that he was born in New Zealand. He was forty two and he used to be a professional rugby player with the New Zealand warriors and he had been previously wed to another woman before he met Hannah and he has a son named as area. He also was brought up believing women were only good for sex an housework. A cousin of Rowen's did come out and state that Rowen had been mean hateful and violent as a child. She even said quote, there was a lot of violence and rough play Rowen was disrespectful to women and talk dirty to females. He was fucked in the head and quote. Hannah, at the time was nineteen years old when she met Rohan who was thirty years old and this was back in two, thousand and nine. And twenty eleven he asked Tanna to marry him and twenty twelve they said their I do's in King's Cliffe in New South Wales. They went on to have three children together aaliyah laon A- and trae aaliyah is six years old Laon Ah is four and TRAE is three. Hannah suffered through the marriage she was put through emotional abuse sexual abuse financial abuse she was being controlled and ruin would always make threats that he would punish Hannah and their three children if she didn't have sex with him every single day. Another punishment would be not letting their children go to the beach on Sundays for whatever reason probably just another way to be in control. Hannah told her close friend that he never laid his hands on her therefore she didn't really understand that she was definitely married to a domestic abuser. One of her closest friends works in domestic violence. She talked to Hannah telling her that yes, she was in domestic violence relationship with Rowen. Going to the gym that she and ruin ran together that was named integrate fitness spelled I. N. T. E. G. R. Eight fitness was Hannah's passion and she absolutely loved it. They also have videos on Youtube together talking about this. GM. Rowen. Went often forbid her to go other things he did included checking her facebook and messages. She had conversations with the guys at the gym about Monday things. But of course Rohan would tell her that she was being flirty with these men. He even knew these men himself because he also went to the same Jim they ran it together. So he knew these men he would degrade her saying that her stomach was disgusting. She wasn't allowed to wear shorts to the gym only a pair of title because he said Short were to sexy. On one occasion while in their car rowing grabbed Hannah's wrist and twisted her arm in front of their children. In December of twenty, nineteen Hannah decided to finally leave Rohan..

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