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Well yesterday was the NASCAR quaker state four hundred at Kentucky, but recently Steve You had a chance to interview NASCAR. African, American driver Bubba Wallace. ooh, that is trending on facebook. You had a great interview with Bubba Wallace on your show Stephen Watch facebook show you talked about the new incident you talked about the president's accusations of all of it being a hoax, all of that and more take a listen. I didn't even see a picture of the news until Tuesday so I was told her about it was brought to my attention from NASCAR. President Steve Phillips became and my motor home. I thought I did something wrong. I'm like what interview have I gone off and talk about somebody's Mama whatever it was you know. And he told me Hey, we've we had found a potential crime committed, and there was a new spout the my garage, and I was kind of taken back, and it know really know what to think, and so we had a conversation lasted the solid three to five minutes, and it was a very strong when he had tears in his eyes I had tears. Is he said we are going to? To get to the bottom of this and find this person that did it flew clarity Yudin discover anything it was brought to your attention by NASCAR fishes. Absolutely my my crew member, it was one who had seen it, and then he alerted NASCAR officials wife seem reasonable, asked him to help me understand because I've heard so many versions of it, but it actuality but Wallace never saw the news. To his ball to him by the president of NASCAR, he started to hold investigation. Get to behind it, wasn't it? Bubbles Wallace didn't know nothing about it. And, so that right there for people talk about He created this hoax and he did all this man brother. He just in his trailer. How dare the President? got. elva when he tries to take a calls was Dan. You notice. It primarily has something to do with some African American or another minority. Against to blurbs is against the Mexicans is against that lady that he called how Wafa? It's it's it's. It's a gift bubble while Pocahontas is against. Wallace is Colin. Cabinet Colin at this dude man. You know I used to think that he was a racist. That didn't know it. Because I just thought of the climate. He grew up in s the language they use that you can be a racist and not know it because you come from that era where it's the norm institution a lot, right, but absent. I've watched this over the years. No Man knows it, he he knows it, and he uses it to stir up his base because he knows that's how they are. He plays on all those stereotypical fears of a certain group. That's in this country and what's scary to me is that is a huge number of those people? That have votes and that would be at the polls in November voted form and talk man like their little white girl that was on that thing so I think one of Y'all out tomorrow. y'All. That's why y'all should be grateful. We Free Jal and all that I was more. What's trending on social? She tripped. Lucky we three, we should have never freed we. Owe! To sign up I. Tell you what. Try to strike it back up do that. Works out fights. Issue Bring. It, back one time. Yup Karen. On I mean. Well at least you know. You got to the bottom of it, Steve with Bubba Wallace, so thank you for that interview..

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