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You should feel free to pivot. Goes well, I will tell you this. My love is that I am literally done with this part of my life. It was 15 year journey. I did it. I'm very happy. I did it. I'm very proud of what I accomplished, but it's on to the next. I will not be beholden to this life because once upon the time it was my dream, it's not anymore. So that's my advice to you. Is that help? I think he's taking his answer after Kelly is on line three. Hi, Kelly. Thanks for calling all of it carefully. I think you hired that P Oh, my God so high there, So I'm just calling as a fan and as somebody who's found you and I really love your spirit. I really, really resident. Your message read resonates with me. It's so hard. To make life changes. People want to stop you at every turn because it creates a sense of fear of doubt in their own self, I think And that statement of it gets greater later. It's a statement of power and of of taking control of oneself and thank you so much for putting it out there and for being a motivating force for so money means a lot. Right? Thank you so much. Kelly and I'm so glad that you connect with it gets greater later. You know, it's my number. One mantra is my number One revelation, and I really do believe that, um, you know, as we go through this life now we're starting to see there's so much more value. Getting older than when one of them what we want thought, you know, once upon a time, you know we're still living in the very youth oriented culture. But I do believe that, um things are starting to change. I look at someone like a Betty White or I look at the reading Marino. I'll look at the legendary Cicely Tyson. And all I look at Norman Lear and these are people in their nineties Still working, still being vibrant and still taking on new challenges. And so it has to be. The truth never gets greater later. I know I'm 54 years old and I'm I'm probably have about four more careers after me. My guess is bevy Smith and he was looking bevel ations lessons from a mother. Auntie Bestie our number 6464357280. If you want to share your story of making a change, or maybe just one little guidance or a little encouragement. From Vivi. One thing I think is really great in your book is you talk about writing? You do a lot of writing in the course of you figuring out what you how you wanted to do what you wanted to do. And you you write on this page. Join me. Sit down in a quiet space. Don't go on social media. I don't know about you, but the first things I reached for during downtime or distractions. The top three or food, drink and social media feeds. Put down the Moscow mule and Mac and cheese. Stop watching your chiropractors Instagram live Show on. Push yourself to write out your wildest most outrages. People will think I am crazy dreams. Remember, you don't have to share them with anyone Just dream about what your life would look like. If you didn't have any insecurities or obligations, familial or financial. See what comes up and then here comes the challenge. Look at how you can start. Instituting tiny bits of those dreams into your life. So when you sat down with it, what were some of the tiny bits that you first started to institute as you made your change? First of all I have to tell you. I haven't heard that, Um, that passage read aloud by anyone except for me, and I have to say I really enjoyed it. Fucking thank you. I really enjoyed it. Oh, little tiny things that you can institute and the thing that I did, which wasp? I changed my name, and I know that might not seem like a tiny thing. But you know, my real name is Beverly and I changed it to Betty because I was having a full on meltdown in Milan. And I was miserable, even always surrounded by luck. And and it was just like a scene out of a movie. It was beautiful and fabulous and sunlight. And AVM Maria playing in all the things and I was like I am such a misery. What can I do to shift out of this? And it was a non o'clock in the morning in New York City, which means I mean and Milan, which means it was seeing him in New York. So there was no one to call little too. I didn't have a lover in Milan at that time at that time. And so I had nothing to, you know, kind of like how I couldn't hide and had to face myself and I had to face my misery. And I said, What can I do? And one of the things I realized that I really resented. People calling me Beverly Smith from Bob Magazine. That was my full name. Beverly Smith from by Maxime. I just wanted to be my own self. I said, you know, I think I'm gonna want to make a change. I think I may not always want to be. Beverly Smith from by magazine and so I have to start letting people know that I am just Beverly Smith. Or maybe I can be bevy Smith, and that was one little thing I was able to do in that hotel room in Milan. That really shifted things for me. And when I came back to America, I started telling people to introduce me as about East met, and to leave the Vibe magazine part of it off. Because we get sold trapped by these corporate job by these, you know, we build up these identities over the years that have everything to do before what we do as a profession on that is not a healthy thing. Because as we all know when you work with someone else's all chicken today, seven tomorrow, meaning one day you're riding high and the next you could be out on your keys. And so what would happen if I was fired? Of all I am is Beverly Smith from Vibe magazine. Then my mom when they throw me out when they fire me, right? So let me just let me just, you know, kind of create my own real identity for myself. And so that was a little change, as I did. Have a look at changes. I think people could do it. Like you know your gifts. You know your God given Get Alison. What's back a gift that you've known about yourself for maybe 2030 years. What's like one little thing that you know you do incredibly well. I think I I listen include cleverly well, So when people say Oh, you talk for listen living. I'm like, no, I actually listened for a living. Okay, So that's crazy. Because I was about to tell you. I think that your gift is that you're a great listener. Okay, so apparently E. I mean, obviously, it's very apparent that that's your gift. That's your blessing. So someone who is known to be a great listener. As you're listening to this, maybe take that in and maybe think maybe I should be doing a podcast with With interesting friends of mine or or or around the subject that I'm curious about, you know, going to the days where we need permission from companies to kind of live our dreams. Now we all have access to, um You know, the social media this podcast. There's all these different options that we have. And I think that that's something.

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