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If you have a brain aneurysm. I can tell you that I would never forget that headache because it was so unbelievable. I did feel a little bit of a crack. In my ear because I didn't hear the 911 tapes and I've never heard myself Wales and scream so loud so I know it was completely different, you know, And and that is something that you do not waste any time. If you hear get this headache that is like a fat thunder clap. And some people even said they heard it snap. In their head, So they those of the descriptions that I've heard from people is that they feel a snap for a thunderclap for pop. Once more once you you have a ruptured brain aneurysm. Aside from the extreme pain, uh, you were given a 3% chance of living through it. Is that a figure comparable for most people, I mean, is it that that fatal It is not always fatal. There are almost but there are almost 500,000 deaths worldwide east here caused by brain aneurysm and I have two victims are younger than 50. So they're not all fatal, but a good portion of these are panel. There are about 50% of the cases that channel Of those who survived are about 66% suffer from Some permanent neurological deficit. Come by. That is to say, Well, their their mental processes are impaired. Yeah, walking, cognizant kind of Kind of a problem speech might be an issue. A practical right border Cub People apartment 15% of people with the ruptured brain aneurysm, died before reaching the hospital. Wow. Uh, we're talking about a serious thing here, and it's something that we just don't talk about that much. I've been doing this show now for several decades. I've never talked about it before, So it's high time that we did and we will continue to do so with our guests. Janet Sutherland. 18665 Oh, Jimbo, When 8665054626 and with your phone calls when we come back in just a moment, the forgotten poor.

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