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To and from Frederick R. I 70 no problems there. I 95 traveling well through press, George's and Howard County's BW Parkway had a brief, slow spots South bound through Laurel Approaching route 1 97. That's just about cleared route. 50 still looks good, both inside and outside the Beltway across the Bay Bridge. You're at speed. No issues, reported their three lanes West from two lanes East. Have the crash investigation going on for a little while longer up north at the point of rocks where route 15 is blocked both ways between point of rocks, Road and route 28 so follow up police direction through for the re routes. And Clinton both sides of Alexandra Ferry Road near Mike Shapiro. Dr. Still shut down for the crash investigation said over to Virginia Even quieter, long 66 3 95 95 struggling to get their volume and stretches headed south through parts of Lord and Dale City, and they have the stream of all you're still traveling north bound out of Thornburg toward Fredericksburg in the volume starts to break up after found with in King George County, Virginia, North Bound Root, 301 is still with fall him along the North bound stretched toward the nice Back Middleton Bridge from Dahlgren. No issues pending at the moment and through the district. We have a couple of issues. One has been cleared believe the crash in northeast that was affecting the intersection of Rhode Island, South Dakota Avenues cleared But the crash involving a pedestrian in Southeast is ongoing, with police sorting things out, affecting sword or not Southern Avenue both ways near bidding road. Current water heater, giving you the cold shoulder upgrade to a reliable Bradford White water heater for only the hot water. Your family needs visit, preferred white dot com to find a professional installer near you. Rick McClure, w T o P Traffic and now Storm Team four. Meteorologist Samara Theodore, A friend's So what? You know we had a pretty good afternoon..

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