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Now I feel it was voted on. Right. But there was someone had a good case, yes, a God, I feel bad. I don't know who it is. Andrew Brent, who said it's going to happen. This is how these things, they did it now, and the quietly do it. Yeah, look, the funny thing about this is that, you know, when you look at it from Amazon's perspective, I don't know if they're pushing for it as hard as I want it, but it's only for the last three weeks that they'd have this as a possibility. The last three weeks, NBC already has Sunday Night they can flex. Monday Night Football taking flex. Fox and CBS can they can protect two games. Get the Amazon, you're at the 5th game now. Now, obviously, some of these weeks, Monday night and Sunday Night, they might have good games, they don't have to flex. That might help you if you're Amazon. But how much better are these games going to be? And it's only three weeks of the season, they pass that you can be on twice during the year, the big one there probably is about the cowboys, because the cowboys are already on Thursday with Thanksgiving now, they'll be on probably Thursday Night Football. And so that's a big one. It's the biggest draw. In the NFL. And so, yeah, so it's interesting about that. Yeah, there's some interesting things under the surface, but not prepared to say. More because I don't know more yet. If you had to predict what we have flex in Amazon Thursday and I football next year. Yeah, I'd say yeah. I'll tell you, yeah. That's juicy. Speaking of football, it sort of came and went and flew under the radar. I thought for what, and then I thought maybe it's just really an inside media story. And he was smart not to comment because that would help kill the story, but and ESPN person just trashing the hell out of tri Aikman after his first year there. I thought it was pretty interesting. I think if Troy would have commented, it keeps the story going. And he never really publicly commented that he's going to have to eventually because at some point he's going to do an interview somewhere and they're going to ask. What do you mean the ESPN person? Are you talking about the Monday Night Football? Yeah, well, awful announcing had an article. Where someone trashed him. Yeah. In a way that I thought was pretty

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