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Is one a i'm joshua johnson were beginning the new year looking ahead to twenty eight team with three reporters who are covering the world very closely christian carl of washington post indira lutchman on of the boston globe and the poynter institute and you'll huge reason of vox we were talking about north korea and the potential for some kind of armed conflict are all out war between north korea and the us certainly not a scenario that i think most of the 7 billion people on the planet want some say that it is inevitable christian would what do you think well with the with the prospect of that actually be if the us got into a shooting war with north korea well it's a grim prospect i was admire life is newsweek correspondent i covered the story for about five years and nice spoke to lots of defectors people in the in the military community my also went to north korea several times i kandara and the one thing that comes through very clearly is that north korea has a tremendous capacity to respond militarily to anything that we might do and that is because that it there are several reasons for that one is that they have an enormous amount of conventional weaponry artillery tubes and rockets which are trained on seoul of the capital of north korea which is an enormous city and just about twenty miles south of the demilitarized zones her within easy range of the north koreans almost all north korean military installations are underground some of them buried deep underground during the korean war we had air superiority we bombed the hell out of them and they'd never forgotten that lesson so everything that's important is underground inside of mountain or something else so even if you hit them very very hard they will have a lot of assets they can deploy in retaliation and they don't necessarily have to target us troops they don't even necessarily have to target anything they can just throw enormous amounts of metal over the bordering kill tens of thousands of south korean civilians so any scenario you have is going to be a horrific scenario and endure i wonder if you could speak also.

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