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Wireless access what's there to be happy about a clams. All like all. I'm so happy. I didn't get turned into New England clam chowder today, pronounce regionally as tall. Aw, that's so fun to say. What were we talking about? Again, Geico fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more that again has the case apartment and those about six hundred people. He hasn't seen in a while. Steal one of them. You give us a topics and events. We question hardy. Dan's. Do you question it? The row, priory self that you wanna see a football camp fight. You wanna watch these joint practices. This time you had the New York Jets and the Washington football club into real prior was involved here, and he kind of looks a little weak here is him in DJ, swear injure, but the fight is breaking out on the adjacent field. That's what's great about this. Okay. These guys are going to eventually decide to join in on the fight. And I don't think turtle prior one part of this, they're either going to fight or they're jogging up feel, but either way, here's swear injure and here comes to real prior and swearing your might make them look silly right here that the fake didn't even put his hand in the air. Just kinda game the shoulder and Terrell Pryor who is wearing a helmet duct. Get outta here with us about four inches toll, and he got a longer reach and a helmet on. So to answer the question. Yeah, I'm gonna. Go ahead and say, soft. I never flinched. Jeff. Gestured sign. The next try little sir, all day long thing. Do you question if they'd played these of? Well, I want you to close your eyes for second. Okay. Close your eyes and imagine you always wanted to be on television even for a couple of seconds. You wanted to show your face in front of a national audience. Okay. Your dream is about to come true now, open your eyes and imagine you're this guy. Another power display by your back guy race, and of course. The Ford guys and it's every time you see, the left look is picking up his pants as he's running, oh, loses the hat almost flips and you still see his face after he gets up, that is not the TV debut. I wanted to make an on the right. That's former brave and former Atlanta, falcon, Brian Jordan. He's fairly smiling a little bit because he knows what's going on behind him. Lays security guard was trying on like this one here..

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