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Best curated streaming services there is showing exceptional films from around the globe now there's a little bit of a new twist, okay? I was going to say since they've been around. There's movies gotten the law a little different because you might go I know from movie. I've heard these ad reads before of course every day on movie they premiere a new film whether it's a timeless classic favored mcclay masterpiece, move been dynasty or one. He never heard of before. There's always something new to discover. These films are hand selected so you're? You're never going to spend more time looking for something great to watch. Because sometimes it spent more time searching than you would actually watching the movie the thing with movies we've got all that. Make it like your own personal film festival streaming anytime anywhere, but here's the wrinkle. David. It used to always be the new wrinkle every day. Movie Ads one film and it takes one film away they had. Their only thirty films there only thirty films each films up for thirty days. That was the deal, but movie said here's the new wrinkle. We also have a library so the same sort of curation happening movies going up going down every day. Thursday runs, but they now have a larger library that staying there forever a lot of like. SORTA classics films that have been on movie. Many times before are now. Available to watch indefinitely things like. Boy Things like dog. Things like the turn horse things like I. We're talking about some of the biggest crossover hits. Four and Art House so the last ten twenty. Years Got June. Paul Thomas Anderson Documentary. That was exclusive that you know you can watch that anytime. You can see you know that movie. Los Angeles plays itself. I feel like people. Keep me in. That went up to me that one. Time unavailable to watch. You have most of the. Ski Movies if not all of them I see Beeswax is up here. I see mutual appreciation. For up here, one of our favorite filmmakers and you even got a little movie called the color wheel directed by Alex Ross Perry Hey. Movie Yeah. We've got so many movies here. Dawson city frozen time. You got man with a movie camera. START, kicked it all off that one. The our I could spend watching these films. The toxic Avenger bloodsucking. It's not all highbrow I, you're right. You're absolutely right, but I just gotTA. Make sure that people understand that they can try be free for thirty days. Free Movie Dot Com slash check. That's M ub dot, com slash check. You get a whole month. Great Cinema for free. Metropolis Notre to the last laugh the selection so good. Dad Yes. It's great. Get your free trial and watch all these good movies. This movie sort of decides makes commitment that if it looks like a Hollywood movie like it's glossy enough, and they don't enough funny people in it. It'll just like by. A war of attrition, it'll just be funny through sheer force of will, and it's not. There's that thing that Roger Ebert. Always says where it's like. I run the internal test of. Is this movie more or less enjoyable than watching the cast? Have dinner together. Yeah, this might be this ratio of no right, or it's like I would I would watch a thousand hours of discounts. On our of this movie called bear. Even Schwartzman probably has great stories Katie.

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