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No steve. well there are some other. Steve's that i like so no. See fred lynn. Winter for sure sure. Yeah no actually. I have some ideas for the gold pin. So we'll have to see if That ranks for if we need something even more special i think even more special. I'll be honest with you like the gold tinted should be really rarefied air to see little. Jessie no-one has won so it doesn't get any more give away. That's pretty rarified. Okay so maybe we don't want to keep it. That rarefied pretty very very special. As kim says that's right well very special are going to maintain our diamond platinum schooled ruby pin. That one is super special soup and actually wait. You need to earn now is secret so now we know what it knows. There's a blood ceremony. Don't think that one even exists yet. So that's gonna win every home game for the entire year on. Run the table for the entire year. Then you get the diamond encrusted. I'll commit to that right now by you. That ten if anyone wins every home game that we do in a year wait. Wait wait till assuming our same or a similar scheduled to kind of ten ten per week down to like. Let's make i trust. Not that's when all of them the audio down for sure yeah yet. Terms and conditions may apply terms All right and so. That's home games. I.

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