Stephanie, Gary Nario, EPA discussed on WSJ What's News - Senate Health Bill Raises Uninsured by 22 Million


Thanks for listening everyone stephanie how exactly did the cbo arrive at the figure of an additional twenty two million uninsured americans um well they carry out gary nario in terms of what they think will happen under the legislation for example the him that about half of the date would pursue a waiver that allows them to roll back the epa regulation don sure that for example require them to cover that they benefit there they are estimate and they are based on sort of white um the nonpartisan cbo project date um and um the government would do specifically under the bill i had the reduction in spending for medicaid but i'm like like i said the are projections and they're not written in stone wasn't one projection that the senate bill would is out or maybe this was in the bill itself the senate bill would says out enhance federal funding by the year two thousand twenty four to thirty one states that extended medicaid under the aca crafted from the bill would phase out on all the in in an federal funding for the thirty one st in washington dc that expanded medicaid medicaid expansion funding would in cape could opd continue it on their own but they would have to foot the bill which frankly a majority of state probably would not be able to do now the senate bill specifically would replace key parts of the with tax credits as well as these cuts to medicaid.

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