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I don't know if you read them first yes yes I remember that my clenched yet what is the position of global warming with all that what do you think of that as you well you know some of the experts are saying now that you know the al decided we would call a global warming anymore you called the climate change well yeah well hello to work all of the clients change it so cold it's climate change yeah yeah climate change so the whole warming Cork out there it started to change their tune and I saw somewhere on the internet actually the arctic what an article on was the arctic ice is actually increase the well you know I think that we're with you you know what she is saying well well well doctor circle was saying I I think we will see a much colder well what's interesting Hugh is we've got a guest name Robert Felix I don't know if you've heard him he's written a book called not by fire but by ice in he says were in a mini ice age right now yeah I heard about I've heard about yeah absolutely all of all of them why in being low range everything we're seeing now people think what does your not so much weight well I never saw that must know that cyclone smoke thing that went all these things or if he does you know other people are saying the cursor ringing missile while the only thing that would really save us I think.

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