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And really deepening as as i'm learning more in sustainability in the capital markets you have a piece of advice you'd give our first year students five seconds no no pressure i everything and find new batch n i think that's a great piece of advice good luck thank you so much nice to have you here julie delong tap she's the bentley graduates she's an ecg research associate at wellington management and of course with us glory larson president bentley university we continue our conversation in just a moment two minutes alive or now she's got world the national news headlines model of news on the minimum studios in washington these thanks corey president trump began his series of oneonone meetings during the united nations general assembly session with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu bloomberg serve chapman reports from washington the president who will meet the palestinians later in the week suggested his major ambition peace between the palestinians and israel fantastic achievement given absolute go we have the shares netanyahu cited another priority a look forward to discussing with you how we can just go to you what we call terbal nuclear deal with iran and ruled iran's growing aggression in the region special ensued the president said afterward he would determine very soon whether to pull out of the deal chapman bloomberg radio washington senate republicans are planning a final uphill push to a race president obama's health care law the democrats and their allies are going all out to stop the drive maryland congressman john laney was asked on bloomberg if he thinks the proposal will pass the affordable care act is popular with the majority of the american people most aspects of representative democracy are failing in this country right now but still i think in the senate if the majority of the american people do not want the senate to do something they're not going to do it and that's what we saw last on so no i don't think go get it done south carolina's lindsey graham and louisiana's bill cassidy are leading the.

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