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Air. Let's get over to news from your neighborhood. Albert Parnell joins us Would he have? Yes, that's coming out of the red Blood Daily News, So the preliminary December unemployment numbers were released Monday, and they showed an increase in to him a county's joblessness Despite streakers streaking patterns over the last few months, December's unemployment jumped from 6.8% to 8.7%. Thank you, sir. Residents in Malibu, according Headlines this morning reporting a surge in trash. Oh, yeah. Washing up on Malibu Beach is everything from like, Use needles to get this a dead dog. Likes what? Where's it coming from, do they? No, they don't but that they're seeing a lot more of it. So anyway, they're getting to the bottom of that Well. Businesses have long focused on winning over the wallets of millennials and Jen's ears. But this strategy could cost them dearly, according to Bloomberg, because the economy is poised for what they're calling a silver surged. What's that? That's baby boomers who have become vaccinated first. Who are retired, so they didn't lose a job. They haven't been spending any money because they've been staying at home and they have pent up demand. They want to travel. They want to go out to eat. They want to go do anything they can do, and they're going to be surging in terms of spending Silver, not referring to meddle. No, no Silver surge referring to your hair, hair color, Not your hair. Firstly, but just hair, You know, personally in my hair personally, you're here too. But mostly just for people who have so far right in Ugo the demo. You know what E gotta box That'll take care of that. I've seen those jobs done, And sometimes they don't work out so well, I know that's why you should not do your own hair, okay? You want to talk about Facebook and Apple and I've loved this story is such a good story. This duel that's about to happen. Can you see it? You know, it reminds me of like sumo wrestlers approaching each other on a mat. That's what this reminds me. Apple versus Facebook. No, it's coming up. I am very excited. We'll collect your $1000 stimulus. Hi. I'm rob from Arden Arcade area of Sacramento's and I just want $1000 just for listening to K. F. C. K FM and am I am going to pay down a bill and I'm going to go out and have a fantastic evening of dining..

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