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Wow customer. Let's listen this is she's down in the belly of the beast new york city. She's in japan which is doing is she okay. I'm back though was so when but my father's house was his birthday and then as it will let me get home. Because i don't know wireless the side effect is going to kick in. So when i got home. I let me get ahead of this situation because you know as it's coming back from work you know after being coldly so let me get ahead insinuation. I said by eight. But after i ate the cake of i got home. I said boom. Let me go ahead. So i took me everything. Everything they said could be a side effects. Such a dayquil. As what i did to me day quo got up this morning. I was fine. Yeah fine almost a little soul but not as so as it was the first time. And we do know that the sean hayes jones is is the question. Of course. the queen of the cybersex arm hurting. I was different. I have hardly do hurt. But the second tab you've got a brick anger from arm. It was hurt a lot this time but the first time in inherited and that a little bit that dayquil nyquil boy when i used to get high when when there was no drugs around our pop to those things and go night night. Food too big to nichols warrior. To you'd have to know. I can barely handle high and now this young lady who you are our hero. Here's you call it. Kobe twice and been vaccinated and still in the and and her family's fine. Everybody's okay that's cool off the dayquil..

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