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I'm trying to think of if Peyton decided he wanted to do games. He would get paid. I'm trying to think of a guy in the league, like a current guy besides Rogers in the league who would generate that. But if it's an a lister, they'll get paid. I don't see the bubble bursting on that. All right. Well, Connor, I hope you don't leave to do a fox analyst. This season. I mean, it's between me and Nate burleson at this point. So we'll see who, you know. Jimmy, Jimmy. Thanks for joining us. You know, your podcast is bigger than ours, but I'll say it anyway. You should all be subscribing to the SI media podcast. And subscribing to the mmm um. Fine, go ahead. Yeah, that's like us being like, yeah, you guys should subscribe to The New York Times. You hear about that? I get all the time when people are saying that I should have pat McAfee and barstool big cat on my podcast. I'm like, they have the two biggest sports shows in the universe, like why would they come on my podcast? But the gap here is not like that. But everyone should subscribe to every site podcast. People are like, why haven't you had pat McAfee? That's right. Here's the biggest show on radio. That's why I haven't had them on. Bizarre. The MM QB NFL podcast is Connor or and me Gary grambling. We are produced by Chevy Royce SI's executive producer of podcast as Scott Brody and our senior podcast producer is Dan bloom. Mark is emeritus editor of the and Andy Benoit is the founder of the MM QB NFL podcast. Be sure to subscribe to this feed on Apple podcasts and once you do, please leave a rating and review because it really does help other people find.

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