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The top of the hour. We've been watching now the hurricane hurricane Florence hit. The coast Wilmington North Carolina, and it seems to be taking the track that we said, but it doesn't seem to be as damaging as we once thought we have six hundred thousand plus people without power ten to fifteen foot storm surges. We do have Cajun navy rescuers there they've been involved in helping some people that have gotten into trouble. We have seen some neighborhoods that are flooded. But it doesn't look as bad as we thought. It would look at least from my perspective. But we still have a lot of time left to go. We have are the official meteorologist of the Sean Hannity show. That's job is starting whether bell dot com. I'm looking at it. Now, it just doesn't seem to be knocking down any houses or flooding to any extreme that would concern me. Like what we thought was going to happen. Well, the only thing you're seeing pictures in those areas that being seen I after Katrina three o'clock in the afternoon. So reporter standing on bourbon street saying well, we dodged a bullet over here. And you don't really know what's going on in ninety nine point nine percent of the area that people aren't taking pictures, for instance, the Atlantic beach, which has been there for years and years was demolished. All right Wilmington has had a wind gusts to one hundred and five miles an hour, which is the second highest on record. And Wilmington, of course, records go back there. One hundred years with all these great hurricanes that have gone through that area. Donna and Hazel, and you go and Fran and Floyd. So when I when I look at something like this. I wait until it's all over like, I remember coming Alica said coming home for Katrina. It'd be working about thirty six hours straight. I walked in the house and just as well, they're saying, it's not that bad. My wife said to me because they were reporting from one place, so we have to see what's going on. And let's keep in mind. We're still getting wind gusts to a harking force out of the southeast at rights, still beach and all the way up the coast. These folks in new Bern where the water is coming down the river, and the sound is coming up, and they're very very bad shape. It's just spreading into the grand strand. Now, the strongest winds, by the way in the Myrtle Beach area will be tomorrow afternoon. And that's when they could.

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