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Fifty, three, sparky's wrong again. Welcome to the power users. I'm David sparks joined by my fellow co-hosts Mr Stephen Hackett. How are you today Stephen? I'm good David how're you? Are Feedback Bucket overflow with we have so much feedback today does there is a lot of stuff in here GonNa talk about all sorts of fun things. But I talk about Saint Jude for a second before we get started. L. Let's do it. Let's talk about Saint Jude. Yes. So as this episode comes out, it'll be the middle of September and throughout September we have been raising money for Saint Jude. Children's Research Hospital. And you may think that that's just a maybe like a random hospital in Memphis but let me tell you it is a world renown. Childhood Cancer. Treatment and research. Facility my son at six months of age was diagnosed with a brain tumor and a Saint Jude had been in my backyard whole life I've always lived in Memphis and Kinda knew what they did and you know saw that they did these fundraisers and you see the ads but I really I. Didn't get it and in the matter of a couple of days we went from having what we thought was a healthy six month old to a baby who is going to have surgery and eventually chemotherapy at Saint Jude. And my wife and I really got a crash course in the work that Saint Jude does. So in the eleven and a half years that our son has been a patient. So Undergone Chemotherapy Kalemie dozens and dozens of memorize we've eaten hundreds if not thousands of meals on the Saint Jude campus, physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational, every all of the stuff that goes into cancer treatment and saint. Judas. Never built me and they never will they believe that when you enter into this realm with his fight with childhood cancer that you should as apparent focus on your child not on the finances and let me tell you all that. That sounds incredible to hear it in like a podcast it is. Unbelievably humbling when you enter that as a parent and you realize that your child is getting the best treatment in the world and you're not gonNA pay for it there's there's one thing that that's only possible. Right because of people around the world who donate to Saint Jude to keep their doors open to keep the research and treatment moving forward. So you can go to saint jude dot org slash relay. You can donate. We know it's a hard time right now but this is an important cause and there's lots of important causes in the world I totally understand that. But this is one that's near and dear to the relay family because of our sun and is it is a real honor to get speak about St Jude every fall and to raise money for them. As this episode is released this later this week. So on Friday September, Eighteenth Mike Hurley. I will be hosting the second annual podcast the thought if you if you call it this last year, it's kind of like a telethon, right like the old telephone idea. But with our content talking about nerdy stuff with. People in the relay family and it is going to be obviously a little bit different this year because Mike and I can't be together last year we were together and got to really like hosts the show side by side this year obviously can't do that, but we're still really excited about it. We started planning for this in February. Our first meeting I first about podcast on twenty twenty. Way Back in February, and so we've been able to plan and adapt as the world has changed around us, and our goal is to put on a really. Six Hour live show that you can watch on twitter it'll be on the. Relief from Youtube. Channel later, if you missed the live stream can catch it later. But we want to continue to raise money for saint. Jude. Continue to tell people about their message because gang it is it is really important. Childhood cancer remains the leading cause of death by disease for children under the age of fifteen. It's not this wildly thing this impacts, lots and lots of people and it's a real honor to get to to fight back. l., let me just add as someone who has frequently donated the Saint Jude. Number one it feels amazing. I mean you you do a lot of things in your day some you're not proud of some. This is one you would be I'll tell you. It feels good. When you donate, they give you updates but they don't flood you. I mean some of these places you give a little money too and it's like, oh no, I'm going to get email every day for the rest of Saint you doesn't do that but the emails they send are interesting in there. They tell good stories about about kids going through hard times and you know it's it's it's useful. You know that the money you give is you know one hundred percent going to great cause and. And what I would challenge to do as you're sitting, there is pick a vice in your life maybe do too much starbucks or. You buy too much beer whatever you know pick a vice take the money you're going spend on that vice two weeks and just ended the Saint Jude. Just that's all in. Help yourself build a good habit and in help some people out. But either way thank you everybody I know that the Mac power users audiences always right there for Saint Jude, they have been even before Stephen was the co-host. We were there for you and I think that they will begin this year. The absolutely. It's it's really been a really fun September in the fundraising. We're GONNA, talk a little bit at the end of the show about some of the tech that I've been using because podcast thon is all remote right? We're not going to be together in that really changes how we go about it, but that'll be towards the end of the episode today. And I I will say that one thing bit of criticism I have is this challenging guys have done with these Gigli I things Oh yeah. This is terrible I think. If you're listening they're doing a thing where like whenever you hit a certain amount of money that's given. What is it in for every two hundred, fifty dollars donated. In a window of time So this ends on September fifteenth. Then we are Mike and our each putting a googly eye on something in our studio. So he started by covering his gaming pc I wanted just maximum uncomfortableness. So minor all. Just on the side of of a piece of furniture on on office to link to the threat keeping up on twitter these. All right. So am I doing nation has paid for several googly eyes and I can I opt out? Can I just say don't use Google is. A for you. Okay. Thank you. All right they are they are. Like last year when you had to put stickers on your, it was better but anyway that's it So we'll talk about your take on later and thank you all if you've already donated and you haven't pleaseconsider. So let's get to the feedback for the good old Mac power users show up heard a lot Marcos wrote in because we talked in the home kit show just last week and I waxed poetic about my system. Marcos He's not a fan he wanted are low. So he wrote in said he looked at everything ended up getting the hub and ultra cameras some art from our low. He says, they're they're really built well, home kit compatible via the hub just like you. and. They're smart about win notch, recording, illiterate and They have just released a camera slash spotlight. He intends to install over the garage now I don't know if that is going to be home get compatible I was trying to get answers on that on the web before recorded in it it was unclear from the our website ups we talked about last week has one of those, but it does not it at least at this point, it's a home kit compatible. And his are battery operated and no cabling just like you fe- you know he's a fan of our I think our lows been in this game longer frankly than up. So that is definitely solution and I'm really glad that their home compatible. It's nice that there's options right we we spoke about this with Mica. The camera stuff in particular there just weren't a lot choices. You know whom kit home keeping deal with cameras is actually a pretty. Pretty, new thing to begin with. So it's cool to see these these other companies getting in and it should make the whole ecosystem. Better right. They're going to push back on apple and WanNa make home kit better than we as consumers don't they get a better home kit, but we have options. So if you prefer one brand over the other like the aesthetics of one type of camera over the other, which is a big deal when they're around your house we have options and I'm excited about that. Some follow up on my behalf after we recorded last week. I. motivated. So I got online ordered. One of those outdoor plugs we had talked about with MICA The Amazon had the achiever one available the head to plugs on it, and that's great. I'll do that one it refuses to pair with Home Kit even though says, Home Kelly, boxy just refuses and. So..

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