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I got, but I'm gonna get up and talk for an hour or two. And see what hits. And that's my process is like, I am one of these guys, and the joy of it is, if I'm stuck on stage, I'm part of me knows at this point that I'm supposed to be funny. So if I'm talking about something and I don't know where it's going, the need to be funny will kick in and then the punchline will be delivered to me. I don't know where they come from, but it happens in a real moment, and then I got to remember it or write it down, and then it becomes part of the act. So that's really my process is refining by talking. So it's by repetition and just by getting up there and things get this organized and things get lost like that. I think joke writers have a benefit and that they can just have a fairly effective way of cataloging everything they're saying. But with me, it's continuing to talk through these ideas and let them kind of evolve on. I just got a new punch line the other night. I like when things connect to other things and create callbacks. I did a show two nights ago and I got two new callbacks just out of necessity because I was left hanging. I was talking and I had nowhere to go with it and something came out of the world out of the Easter and I'm like, oh, thank you. And I write that down. Cool. And you recorded the set when you're doing them. Yeah. Yeah. But don't listen. But you don't listen, right? Yeah. I don't. I don't listen. That's hilarious. You probably got three more hours. Listen to materials. I know. That's all that's left of myself sabotaging. Yeah, it used to be much more effective itself sabotaging. Now I just, I just don't listen to the sets. And I go, I get something done anymore. Let's talk about the Wilbur. What's the name of the show at the Wilbur? What can people expect? Because I want to do my best to get as many people in there as we can because you're great performer and you deserve it. Yeah, the second show could use people. Yeah, because I just added that second show. So I think the first show told that. Well, I mean, the name of the tour is this may be the last time. And it doesn't mean I'm retiring. I mean for everybody. So it's really, it's really just where I'm at right now. Just talking about, it seems the theme that sort of happening is just sort of really reckoning with the amount of stupidity in the world, but also the scary stupidity, but also the fact that we all kind of know that things are, you know, something's impending. And it's not good. And we all kind of feel it. And we're all coming out of this very traumatic time of the pandemic. But now that we're kind of through it, or else we're not post COVID, but we're sort of fuck COVID. So, but there's still that feeling of nervousness. And I'm trying to kind of focus on that. I do a very working on this very dark bit about what is our place as an entertainer. What do we really doing as entertainers or as comedians? And I've been sort of stuck on this image about, you know, when someone's Jimmy, when somebody's like dying in the hospital, you know what he hears from everybody, you know, about three weeks before he dies. You're going to make it. You're going to get through this. That's sort of what we're doing as entertainers right now. Well, I'll be at the show Saturday night. I'm excited to be there. I'm at the first show. I'm excited to be there, Mark. People can find out more about I don't think I know. I don't know that. I don't know if I sold it that well. Let me make it clear that I am sort of a dark minded person, but it's all very funny. And if you're like minded, certainly, you're going to enjoy it. It's hilarious. It was that the one at the schubert, the last one you were at, that was great. I look forward to coming this Saturday night. I want to encourage my audience to come. If you've never seen Mark, you've got to check it out. If you had never listened to the podcast, it's one of the best ever and that's no exaggeration. It really is. The guy's a great interviewer. And that's why people like Obama and George Clooney and Robin Williams and Keith Richards. George Clooney. George Clooney is sort of like talking to a president. Yeah. To talk to George Clooney. Yeah, he's so, you kind of talk to him and you're like, why can't you just be president? He's great. It was a great interview. That's why people do the show because, you know, you're incredibly smart. As great questions, you keep the conversation going. You're really interesting. And it's an awesome thing. And again, it came out of nowhere. And that's what I love about you. And that's what I love about the comics, because all of us have our no rule. And there was nobody really guiding you along. There's more support now than there ever was. You know, there's comedy classes and all that stuff. Thank God, thank God for bad parenting. We were all just sent out on our own. To figure out how to live in the world. Mark, what else can you tell us before we go? What's always great to see you, Jimmy, and I'm happy that you're doing okay. You always made me happy. It's great to see you. And I'm just trying to stay sane and not get too dry, live a sober life and stay quiet. I saw that you were hosting a gala up in the Montreal comedy festival. That'll be fun. I know. I know. Yeah, Mark. You and I did that 2007, I think we were up there. Do you remember it was me you on the bill? It was me, you. John Oliver was the host? Yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. We were on that and we did it. It might have been Colin Quinn might have been on it. Other guys. I'm very excited to do it, you know? And it's so funny though about Canadian television. It's like, I've been on so many of those galas in so many different Canadian markets. And I've never heard anybody tell me they saw it. Really? Not a tweet, not an email, nothing ever. I gotta be on 9 Canadian stand up shows. No feedback. Zero. Well, that's going to change this summer. One of the dates for that. One of the date, good segue. What are the dates? I have no idea. It's comedy festival in July, yeah. All right, Mark, great to see you. Thanks again for being on today. Thanks for helping us out with this. And Brendan's been a joy to work with and we're going to ask him for some more advice as well. Yeah, Brendan's pretty generous with advice. He loves you, buddy. All right. I'll see you later. Thanks so much. Thank you. Take care. Thank you for joining us today. This has been a humor for humanity, production. I am the founder of humor for humanity, a social enterprise that raises spirits, funds and awareness for nonprofits charities and social causes. You can find out how we can help you or your organization raise spirits, funds, and awareness for you and yours. Our mission is your mission, humor for humanity and Jimmy tingle dot com. Thank you.

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