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M. J. Milwaukee eleven o'clock it remains thirty degrees tonight like snow here near the lakefront cumulus in less than an inch however Milwaukee to Kenosha and a low of twenty six degrees from the W. T. M. J. breaking new center I'm Kevin wells what once looked like a big winter storm not so much anymore storm team four meteorologist Brian is Nancy says we could see some more lake effect snow though but as always with lake effect snow you have to watch it closely if a lake effect snow band parks itself over the same area for you know a long period of time then you get a localized spot that ends up with a lot of snow so you just have to keep an eye on that and again that's for tonight and possibly lingering into tomorrow morning as well expect less than a half an inch of snow for Milwaukee with one to two inches to the south a jury has found a whitefish bay man guilty of shooting and killing Tracy Smith a mother who is teaching her son how to drive in August of two thousand and nineteen according to TMJ four news Matthew Wilkes was found guilty on one count of first degree intentional homicide and one count of possession of a firearm by a felon he now faces up to life in prison a man is facing charges after striking a utility worker in downtown Milwaukee enforcing the amputation of both of his legs court documents charge Antonio when senior with two counts of injury by intoxicated use of a vehicle with great bodily harm and one count of knowingly operating a motor vehicle while revoked TMJ four news time variant once under arrest always denied drinking any alcohol but admitted to smoking marijuana later test showed a blood alcohol level of point one seven and documents say an open bottle of vodka and marijuana was found in the car documents also say and had recently been convicted of an O. W. I. and rest required to have an indignation interlock device which they say was not installed in the vehicle the victim remains in a medically induced coma it was a noisy night in Charleston South Carolina six democratic presidential candidates met in the debate here's ABC's Jim Ryan contentious would be the best way to describe the tenth democratic debate of the campaign season in the CBS news sponsored event Nevada caucus winner senator Bernie Sanders was the obvious target the most finely tuned criticism from the other six candidates for much of the evening it was a free for walking about math and it doesn't take two hours the stakes are high the debate his last chance these candidates have to make an impression on voters not just in Saturday's South Carolina primary like in the sixteen states participating in super Tuesday voting a week from now Jim Ryan ABC news Charles the next debate is scheduled for March fifteenth sports traffic and weather next WTMJ news time eleven oh two in nineteen sixty five legendary Wisconsin wildlife artist in Grande was commissioned to create a series of forty three paintings were displayed in the Milwaukee headquarters M. and I bank when M. and I was purchased by BMO Harris bank they donated nine hundred sixteen of these extremely rare owing from the outdoor prince to the nonprofit ducks unlimited organization these master series prince recently appraised for one hundred and fifteen to twenty five hundred dollars each this Friday Saturday and Sunday ducks unlimited is taking over the brook field penny mustard show room to showcase and sell these nine hundred sixteen oh one Grammy prince for half you can own a signed a master series limited edition for as little as fifty eight dollars this weekend on any mustard furnishings in from one hundred percent of the proceeds will go to ducks unlimited and Wisconsin wetlands conservation see all of the available plans and prices on limited doctor Martin.

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M. J. Milwaukee discussed on Clark Howard

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