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Operates he said he learned about chinese by activties from ma john a former m s s viceminister and g shongwe day a former chief of chinese army intelligence the remember him the again last and family aims g as i shine deep malaysia on the mss guy was director of the chinese intelligence number eight bureau in charge of counterintelligence against foreign targets meaning if you're in china they're going you follow your round vestige of maybe you're just there as a rep for nike but they're going to find out so anyway they do counterintelligence against diplomats businessmen reporter irs and tourists but mr mr ma was swept up in a beijing power struggle in december two thousand fifteen he was expelled from the communist party and imprisoned earlier this year the billionaire the bill gertz interviewed mr guelleh said that his body ma was imprisoned because he had uncover details of corruption by china's high ias ranking anti corruption official as it turns out the other guy the military spy chief mr g g shung day the billionaire said he had close ties to him and turned down requests from mr g to work as a smuggler for what's called to pla the military spy agency mr g was implicated in the 1990s in a scandal involving chinese funding of bill clinton's presidential reelection campaign these are the guys who were funneling cash to buddhist monks and when al gore would go and give a speech at a buddhist monastery all the monks would line up and they would magically have 500 cash or whatever the whatever the max was for primaries back then not were they would max at for the year aura or whatever but so with that's a that's told just alleged of course but anyway mr g who because of that scandal was given a suspended death sentence by a military court in two thousand he is no longer with chinese army intelligence he lives in china his wife lives in los angeles and the billionaire mr guo said that he paid money to mr she for 25 years as part of china's use of businesses to support intelligence activities he says quote i know mahjan had been working state security system for over thirty years that he was responsible for sending out spies is as well for counterespionage also visavis the us he.

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