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With Mike show open the bulldog not get totaled by an IRA ceasefire by Hamilton on WG are really pretty unnecessary Hamilton is the office manager being held back from all sports radio five fifty I love the voices there I think I think it was Hamilton there was a pretty bad job by Hamilton I have to say very soft spoken announcers Paul Hamilton joins us I think from Montreal before the Sabres returned home no game tonight no games upcoming much open the bulldog here Paul how are you I'm well how are you guys doing eight what does what do you know what kind of day have you had yeah I was just waiting I I think it was obvious it was obvious last night I think really that the NHL wouldn't be able to go on it was just a matter of what exactly were they going to do especially you know when the NBA went out they had to one now to with their players you know with with the corona virus so it was just basically a waiting game and then I think it got confirmed for sure when the NHL told teams not to go to their morning meetings in morning skates and all that kind of stuff five it's like okay there definitely is is it going to be a game tonight it just we just had to wait until they told the board of governors what was going on it wasn't really even a vote and from my everything that I heard peer but lebron say it wasn't even none of them even objected to it and then they finally made the announcement and everything is on hold until you know this thing gets better but you know sometimes I think the NHL it appears they think maybe it's a two or three week pot process and I would be shocked if this is a two or three week process yeah I I read today that the NBA look the the thinking within the NBA is that it's at least thirty days and then and then and then maybe maybe then they'll be able to revisit and so you know we'll see but like that's Hey maybe even that's optimistic who knows all right but that that at least the NBA's approaching it from we're we're looking at a month here and then and then maybe reassess well yet the NHL doesn't want their players running around traveling but they really can't stop him the the the other guys that can't travel earlier the guys from Europe they can't go back on it but the travel ban to Europe Ristolainen in that group you can't go home so there you know they have to they have to stay but who who's just you know teams are practicing the art meeting they are working out the gym together so who's to say somebody can't go somewhere else if they feel like it I wonder what teams need would want to do but I have here and what they would want to do I wonder what they're allowed to do maybe this will be something that we'll find out as as the as the days and weeks go by here Paul because if they let's just be maybe ridiculously optimistic it's a month right a month goes by and they okay we've got twelve games left for the forget whatever it is the words are playing again the teams would want especially teams in playoff races to say nothing of a team that's out of it would want their guys in shape and ready to go so it's not like teams would want their players to all just disappeared all points of the globe and like sit on a beach because you might still be playing the most meaningful hockey of the year in a one month or six weeks yeah but they can't practice on so I mean I mean they can operate like they could do the August thing right this on their own right if they wanted to but that's not really a practice that's just kind of skate around the rink and he's still a little all shiny and a few sprints and that kind of thing you know is terra and Matt Ellis sometimes shows up in bed and put them through their paces a little bit so I mean they could do that to stay sharp because you want to get injured either I mean if you if they all committed nobody praxis and they just start the games the same for everybody but you also don't want people's architecture either yeah what you can't predict here what no one can predict here is the length of time needed before sports leagues are ready to start to turn the lights back on but Mike Mike gash on basketball and hockey is that they would eventually in this is also I think optimistic they would eventually get back up and running in time to have a shorter playoffs where they can still have their offseason schedule they can still have July one you can't just like yesterday Polly said what happens if a pane of glass breaks with ninety seconds to go in the period bill send the teams the locker room in the put the end of the second period right on top of that the beginning of the third you really can't do that quite with this because teams have to conduct their business players will change teams and you know all that free agency all that a drowning right so I would think like if it's may one say just to pick a date I would think that they probably still want to get the finals over with it about the same amount of time maybe like a week or two longer what is that sound like to you I just think that's optimistic my I was thinkin the most optimistic thing I can think of is maybe the first league that maybe could get something going as Major League Baseball late in the summer it okay awesome Billy and then if they can't then the NFL would be the next that maybe could get started I mean in the United States you can't even get test kits unless you're the Utah Jazz I mean the normal people can't get test kits but yet thirty six people over over the Utah Jazz organization can get him in minutes I found that rather I read reading I read fifty eight yeah me too yeah yes yeah sure you're you're yeah I seen say it's mind boggling but it's really so so yeah so that's where we're at in the United States right now that's why I just I would love for this to be a short term thing but I I just I I I would say in my mind the most optimistic thought as baseball might be the first one back in it would be later in the season so you're sort of you you sound like I I don't know who words in your mouth like you you you sound like you're operating on the premise like this is it they're not gonna be able to continue this and the season is just going to go for naught and start back up next fall I mean I I don't have all the information right course I'm not a doctor or anything but I I yeah that we would just the way things are trending in the way things went over in Europe where and just the way things are bees seems to be being botched here in the United States and and the way as quickly as this is going and an escalating you know I I just don't know if if if they can't pull the train back into the station in time to be able to get the NHL and NBA going again I don't disagree with you I don't really disagree with your your outlook I just was thinking to say they're still going to want to have their right time to get players you know move around and go through all the business aspect of it and then start up again that's all if it turns out they may want is too optimistic or it's June one at their some date out there were they wouldn't wouldn't even bother probably that's what that's what I mean they wouldn't put that they would put the playoffs on in August I think yeah I need you to have to have the off season to a point now I remember when they were supposed to have a draft in autumn wa and they didn't do it they did the draft but it was it was just a thrown together thing in a hotel meeting room and and they just did the draft I mean I I heard somebody say a TSN that there's talk of maybe the draft this year would just be by phone and not even one tree all I'm thinking the same thing about the NFL draft which is course much sooner on the calendar like two months sooner than the NHL draft well I'm I'm definitely thinking like that you know that that's what you're going to be reduced to the still I think for the NFL there would still be some television product that you will create out of that but as far as like the big showcase and of course you know some court yard or whatever full of people are in the in the Jones case like a full bell centre in Montreal like right now forget it you know I'm just not I I just can't even imagine them being able to pull that together now in call mode talking a body you know and no venues over five hundred people come in New York state right now you know that means concerts and all sorts of things right you know just are and I think concerts report would probably got pulled anyway some of them already have I've noticed some of the tors upon him and stopped and but it's it's just you know a us a bad situation right now in the United States I imagine Paul Hamilton is with us on the western hotline from Montreal where the Sabres were supposed to play the Canadiens tonight but the NHL like every other major sports entity in North America it seems that pit pause at least if not flat out cancelled but they've stopped their season I I I think I know the answer to this because I I wouldn't expect you had access to players at all during this time but I'm wondering if you have any read on how the team is handling all of this no there is no access at all we asked and they said no no players or coaches GM during may will be made available it just all happened so fast I mean since the U. though even the last time we've actually talked to players I was actually supposed to talk to Kyle Okposo yesterday account for god and what I was gonna talk to him this morning and I was gonna talk to me a lot about this situation especially since he has young children it's an escalated even more than twenty four hours since I was going to talk to him and you know so it really really haven't had a chance to talk to the player since since is this escalated so quickly in the last two three days just so sad how predictable it was yes it was also easily predictable and foreseeable and like people were saying it and it just was not it was not heeded appropriately more with Paul Hamilton in a moment much open the bulldog WGR this show over the bulldog life about John tire studios down tires done deal WGR sports radio five fifty so here with.

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