Saint Joe, Alicia Smiley, James Patterson discussed on Weekend Edition Sunday


Port. Saint Joe to survey. The town's losses everywhere. You turn guy you see some wind damage water. Wanted to James Patterson says hurricane Michael pushed in a thirteen foot. Storm surge that flooded the streets closest to Saint Joseph bag the rest of town saw roofs ripped up windows blown out and huge oak and pine trees, toppled, devastating devastating. Rob. The roof is off the Baptist church. Steeple bent over. The high school is unusable all the walls are gone from the Burger King and port St. Joe's to gas stations are destroyed the fuel pumps torn from their concrete slabs. We can't even guess do you start to think about recovering for something? Like that. Well. Then everything cleaned up. Inward. Gotta get out of the way, we work. Ward back has are clearing trees from the roads in cruiser working on most streets to replace utility poles. And you hear that sound a lot rather open almost dawn. They're doing all day long. Chainsaw chainsaw. Residents are cutting down trees and mucking out their homes, and it's just about every street you go down. Stroke show. All they own couches mattresses and piles of soaked clothing or stacked up curbside. Alicia smiley in her brother are clearing out the fluttered apartment. She shares with her grandmother, an elderly amputee in poor health, devastating.

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