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United States, Michael Toscano, Officer discussed on KSFO Morning Show with Brian Sussman with Katie Green


Hunting a cop killer. I'm Michael Toscano. Air Force One touch down at joint base Andrews outside Washington DC at five twelve this morning. President Trump home now from his surprise trip to Iraq. And he's already tweeting writing we desperately need a wall referring to the southern border. Correspondent Jerry bowed lender tells us negotiation seems to have hit a wall on the continuing partial government shutdown. There's nothing to indicate the impasse over money for a border wall will be resolved anytime soon both sides are digging in their heels. The standoff that's preventing approval of funding for a host of government departments and agencies appears headed for a second weekend. Homeland security secretary cures to Nielsen says following the deaths of two migrant kids in US custody at the southern border care for those who are in custody of the US is being stepped up one CB official put it in very stark terms, quote were not designed to hold all these people it complete overhaul needs to happen were overcrowded understaffed. We don't have the manpower to deal with this crisis. That's correspondent Dan Simon in El Paso, Texas. Police in northern California this morning are hunting for the man. Suspected of killing a police officer who stopped his truck in a small California town a Stanislas county. Police spokesman says Thirty-three-year-old officer row nil sing was shot yesterday. After stopping that pickup truck without a license in Newman about one hundred miles south east of San Francisco radio was shots fired which immediately had a response from throughout the county, including his partner who was working here in the city with him. When his partner arrived on scene. She did find officers seeing on the ground with gunshot injuries. Police have surveillance video of a suspect. But no idea yet Wall Street market trading is recovering some of the overnight losses but still down from yesterday's record gains. The best day in ten years stock futures showing the Dow off over three hundred forty four points from yesterday's thousand point gain..

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