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A lot of things we need to fix so phony audio. Everyone needs to remember how they feel in terms of loss. Not forget it. Respect winning and learn from the lessons that caused them to lose and not forget it talk about talked about the miscues and missed opportunities to a win the game and still through in there that he can still. They can still accomplish everything that they want to accomplish. Getting getting into the playoffs. He didn't say that but that's what we're thinking he just thought about. Should i say that. Nah i should keep that in my holster and use it when i need to not you know early in the week. Six to use that just yet l. Need to start politicking just yet you know they say the nick sabin uses the media when he wants to get a message out to his team That was the message. I thought was learning the win. Just telling team meant that. This is a process. You gotta learn how to win. I don't give a damn what you did in high school and don't give a damn what numbers you pulled up in highschool. That'll give them. How girls you bang. You were the h. i. c. on campus. I don't give a damn you know how many fire starts head. I don't i don't care. This is a whole new level. I don't give a damn how many folks home girls and homeboys and family members are talking about. You'll just go to alabama for three years and then you'll be a number one draft pick. It's not that easy. Snap that way you know you gotta learn how the win these are steps along with the winds come to losses you have to take these losses and learn from them and get better from them you know he and because of the talent not just talent but the experience that he had the last couple of seasons never needed to do that. Shit you know. Mexico knew what was all about jeanne. Waddell new was wooded was all about henry. Rugs knew what is all the bell at la. Alex leatherwood knew what was all about dylan. Moses knew it was all about you know they were appointed time when alabama was becoming super dominated..

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