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With your news. 93.1 camp became live everywhere in the radio up and, of course on your smart speaker. A couple of topics in the hopper and we're gonna try to get your calls on both of them. 808 34 15 38 108 34 15 30 but a couple of things to do kind of dig a little deeper on with this Azul. Look at this course of action taken by the legislation. What it does does it cause doesn't make you want to pay more attention to what they're doing. Because there are obligations that they have is these decisions have to be posted 72 hours before a vote. You have to have access to that information. But the reality is in a state of nearly 40 million people. I think it's safe to say that almost nobody with exception of people who are involved in Either professional work or association interests that that caused him to take a particular interest in some of these these very, very significant decisions that are being made about the Legislature. They just don't pay attention to it. I don't think people availed themselves of this information. But we did vote on a measure to force greater degrees of transparency in the California legislature. Nonetheless, it does not seem as though people are inclined to do that. And so this is what you wind up with. Is there anybody? Is there anybody out there? I'd love to hear from anybody who think this believes this represents a good course of action. To allow this man who has brutally kidnapped, raped and otherwise physically and sexually assaulted this little girl, eight year old girl And killed her. There's anybody think this is a good idea that rather than having a set of circumstances, an environment in which there's prescribe sentencing that would cost him two life sentences, in all probability under the old system. Prior to the passage of SP 13 91 that now he's gonna wind up with 45 years in the youth authority. Is there anybody in the region that thinks this is a good idea? I'm just I'm absolutely stumped by how this is allowed to take place, and I don't think it's voter apathy. I really truly believe that so many people are living their lives in such a way is there You're in a perpetual state of taking sips of water from a fire hose because they have so much going on. They have so much to worry about themselves. They don't tend to trust information that comes from frankly traditional media or the government with good reason that kind of talk going back to the other topic of the day. The mask wearing And the fact that this has become such a volatile situation is so divisive and it I just I sense that there is some truth that it does kind of break on party lines, which which just makes no sense to me whatsoever. But look at the guy who's been at the center of this for some time. Dr Fauci and I know that that they're varying, in fact, probably pretty dramatic and enthusiastic heart filled with feelings of appreciation of Dr Fauci and some on the other side. But suffice to say here is a guy who, when this all first started He told the American people. Not to wear masks. And he had a I think of fairly legitimate reason for discouraging the wearing of Mass because he was concerned are so he would later say about the people in the medical profession who had to be protected because they were forced to find themselves in close proximity who are of people who were afflicted with this virus. So they had to have him It was it was absolutely critical to their mission in order to be successful in order to survive that experience, which they had to do, they had to be masked and gloved and grounded and otherwise protected. But there's a message you can share on that and say, Please, if you find yourself in a position where you think a mask is the best course of action for you, the procurement of the mask and the wearing of the mask, please hold off on that until there are sufficient numbers of mask and supply so the needs of the medical professionals could be addressed. Before everybody else starts acquiring them. That's a message that I think would have been well received. But he did lie about it, and he later acknowledged that he lied about it. So it really diminishes his credibility. And as you hear stories about what the Legislature finds important look at the things that they're studying. Look at the courses of action that they're taking on an ongoing basis and what they have done with this with this single initiative here. SP 13 91 Read up on it. See what it's done. And and, frankly, with due respect, if you did not Find yourself in a position where you could get this information as it was being processed as it was being created, if you didn't take sufficient time to understand what they're doing out of the dome. Then you're going to live in a world where you reap there where you have the consequences. You're forced to assume the consequences of your fairy to engage this next year. You're gonna have a chance as you have every two years. To vote for members of the California Assembly and and a significant number of California state senators. When you look at this information when you look at some of the realities with which we live today, we look at the exploding race of crime and violence in all the major, virtually all the major urban centers in the state of California and some not so major Well look at the extent to which known well documented scofflaws. People who are on probation and parole and in and out of the system are now moving to suburbs and changing the quality of life in this in the safety environment in the suburbs of the state. Because these are the things that the Legislature that we send there. We still have the option. We are at the top of the organizational chart in terms of who we put in positions of authority. To represent us Is this representative Of your belief in terms of what's best for the society in which we live. If you have an eight year old daughter, granddaughter, I would assume that this would take on a special significance to you. Because, well, Maddie was doing nothing other than being an eight year old girl in Santa Cruz County. Something. She has an absolute right to do When this this creep came along and darkened her life and destroyed her family's life. You think about the pain and suffering and anguish that she experienced. Thankfully, it's over for her. But that pain and anguish and suffering continues for her family. And what are the what are the odds? One of the What's the probability? That this person at some point will be out of custody. Mr. Adrian Gonzalez will be out of custody as a young, vibrant man. Still oriented in such a way because there's no waving of a magic wand that takes place when somebody sitting in the youth authority that doesn't happen. There's nothing you can do to just magically. Remove from the head from the brain from the thought process of somebody who is oriented in this fashion to cause them to behave in a different fashion when they get out, in fact, in all probability, During this time in custody, he will have an opportunity to interact with other like minded people, and not necessarily to his degree, but people who are not inclined to comply with the law. People who understand with greater degrees of knowledge, the courses that you can take to escape justice as this. He's not the poster child for that ways to escape identification and arrest. And ultimately, prosecution so that the net result of this, I think speaks very clearly in terms of the adverse impact that your Legislature is having on public safety in the state of California. Please. Please, Please take a look at these a tease bills when they're working their way through and let your voices be known because he's your political animals who will respond to input from the.

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