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Kyle says we had a driver total his Honda into our fence because it's up to seventy along that front road where people get drunk where they where they usually coming home from when they get drunk. Kyle. I don't know are you up near any special bar or anything or not. Well, we're we're just downtown creek from Quebec he's got everything over Northfield. You said that it happened three times. So far people crashed into your fence this time, they left the car two thousand eighteen Honda. That's totaled. The owner never the owner. Never recovered. No. Well, it's up Mirage recovery. But I don't know if they've picked it up. Okay. And commerce city. Police a correct me if I'm wrong they sound like morons they closed the case in a week because of lack of information. The the exact words was the policeman wrote I recommend this case be activated due to lack of suspect information. Well, that's the whole idea. They have been number. They have a license plate. They have an address they have an address, and they what they won't go outside of commerce city limits. I guess not. 'cause they requested Denver to go. Are they not allowed to investigate outside? They just said it was. It's weird. I don't know if you want to commit a crime, you go to commerce city committed crime jump over the county line or the city line gallbladder that you know, that that's what you do to these morons data booboo. Well, we don't got any information. They just cross that damn line. Well, we can't get them. I mean, what are you morons your police? Here's what's funny on their website about the police founded in nineteen fifty two the commerce city. Police department has since grown into a major enforcement agency. Really except can't go past that line. Otherwise who knows? They're crazy. Just crazy. I just never heard such a thing. It's just ridiculous. Anyway, since it's just Hoppy damage, they think we can absorb these costs all the time. Well, regardless they need to find. I don't know what happened to my volume. You it went away. I used to have something screw.

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