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Obviously changed everything to Preclude any of that behavior which is documented. Alright? 8889347874 Ken Boone here to document the weather and make frozen jokes. All right, Go ahead, sir. What's up? Good morning. You ever watching Tropical Storm Elsa and it'll pass just to the east southeast of us during the day Thursday, so some tropical storm conditions? Certainly not out of the question. Uh, tomorrow, especially during the afternoon hours. We'll have to watch out close. That center of circulation comes to us out ahead of it, though today very hot, very humid, makes the clouds and sign a pop up storm possible through the afternoon. Low nineties. Better storm chances late tonight and again tomorrow as that center of circulation nears us again expected to pass just East Southeast. Most of us but close enough that we will see some showers and storms. We could see some wind gusts of over 40 MPH or more, and we could have some periods of very heavy rainfall at times tomorrow, especially to the afternoon and then I think things will improve heading into Friday with partly cloudy skies and upper eighties. I've already been invited to to hurricane parties, so people are People are acting like they normally acts, man. So all right, Ken, I appreciate it. Okay. Already. Have a good one. There. Maybe they don't do hurricane parties were Ken's from alright. 8889347874 phone number. We can talk more conspiracy theories, and I do have to get into that. Nintendo story. Because it it is actually pretty fascinating, and I understand that there's going to be other brands. That are going to continue.

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