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The problem is heading out of grand prairie on northbound three sixty before trinity a wreck involving a truck plus a trailer that's on its side blocks two right lanes so only the left lane can get around the back up extends to avenue k could take forty five minutes to get through can use the bush turnpike that's clear right now also collins looks good to get northbound bailey called in on the traffic tip hotline he likes taking carrier east over to roy or to move north also there are southbound onlookers from one eighty three as a result of this accident in north fort worth southbound thirty five w before north loop eight twenty accident tucked against the right side wall but it's creating backups to to eighty seven in dallas northbound thirty five before the tollway had a stall in the left center lane that has since cleared but it created some pretty big backups especially under the westbound side of woodall rodgers which is taking ten minutes to get between seventy five and i thirty five plus southbound seventy five looks pretty gnarly as you come down from mockingbird at this point carrollton good news here northbound thirtyfive the dickerson exit that wreck has cleared away while in lewisville police activity remains northbound thirtyfive before four zero seven justin road only the left lane is getting by so that's creating a backup all the way to fox now the good news is the text press lines are open going northbound now said that will be an option for you garland northbound six thirty five at centerville watch out for road work in the right lane with a backup to i thirty and ahead of that continuing into the lake highlands area there's a work crew moving along in the right lane stopping every so often to pick up debris also in rockwall eastbound thirty and fm thirty five forty nine left lane blocked by construction fifteen minute delay.

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