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Other external constraints both Southwest and the union representing pilots have denied a sick out happened in protest of the company's coronavirus vaccine mandate policy A customs dispute at the U.S. Canada board are threatening America's supply of a key fish used for popular products like fish sticks The U.S. customs and border agency alleges that shippers of Alaska Pollock are violating the Jones act that requires all good ship between U.S. ports be transported on U.S. owned ships The world's biggest fossil fuel companies have been under the microscope for a number of years now yet many of the top executives at these companies continue to see big bonuses Douglas macmillan has taken a closer look for The Washington Post and spoke with Bologna Douglas were seeing this as many of these companies continue to deal with issues like emissions and in the cases of some spills that are negatively impacting the environment Yeah these are companies that have been under pressure for many years now to improve their environmental track record It's one way to the companies have responded to that is by creating a bonus system where they track the number of emissions oil spills regulatory actions involving environmental incidents They track all these in a database and the companies reward their CEOs and other executives based on based on what they think is improvement on these metrics We looked into the data though and realized that over the past decade or so a half dozen oil and gas companies in the U.S. pretty much everyone met their goals every single year So you have a history of these companies with questionable environmental track records mixed environmental track records but if you look at the data that they submit to their board of board of directors submits at the end of the year to their investors it looks like they have perfect environmental track records and their CEOs are getting paid extra hundreds of thousands sometimes millions of dollars because of that Okay they're meeting their corporately set goals or are they sending a little bar here That's potentially one explanation It's really hard to tell because the math that goes into these calculations is not totally transparent about it Really what this comes down to at the end of the day is who is measuring these goals and how high is the bar that they're setting And in all the cases we looked at the board of directors that hasn't drop of folding their executives accountable for progress And in the past and for most companies typically they do that by measuring their financial performance They are the number of widgets they sell All these traditional metrics are usually what go into the calculation of annual bonus Now for more and more of the companies started with oil and gas but we were seeing this for more different industries across the board They're going to include things like environmental performance diversity that the governance the makeup of your company your board These are all things that are going to be incorporated into pit and to pay more and more And the question will be how are these systems going to be designed And are they going to be designed in ways that they can be easily gained or that they can be easily achieved Or will they be actually designing ways that will encourage executives to meet a high bar and to actually push the company forward So that's a big question that I think that this is one story that we're looking at the environmental metrics But this is going to be a big question going forward for many different companies and industries That's Douglas macmillan and can read much more on this online go to Washington Post dot com And that's come most Bologna The relocation of Tesla's headquarters to Austin will likely have ripple effects across the state Tony Ben who has the Texas association of manufacturers as everybody wants to be closed to Elon Musk Anytime you can land a Tesla you're going to immediately see dozens of vendors and suppliers that want to be close because they're already getting calls for manufacturing companies Some of whom are looking at taxes for the first time their sales pitches that the state has cheap energy costs and the transportation infrastructure that manufacturing needs Can you imagine having the name Tony Bennett and having that accent That's great A little bit of a disjoint A little jarring Yeah 6 2010 for our propellant insurance money update here's Jim chesko Stocks began the new week on a down note investors taking a cautious tone ahead of the start of corporate earnings season later this week The S&P 500 east 30 points The Dow Jones Industrial slid 250 to end below 34,500 and the NASDAQ composite shed 93 points Several oil socks rose as crude prices extended their recent rally Halliburton shares jumped 3.1% while schlumberger gained two and a half percent U.S. crude oil closing above $80 a barrel for the first time in 7 years That's your money now Money news at 20 and 50 passed the hour still ahead The place that Seattle ranks when it comes to food compared to the rest.

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