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Entering a new world now let's go to wildcard line to sit in abilene texas welcome to the show oh how you doing well said what did you want to ask i don't ask you what is his father ever healed someone who had now live skits lot over yes actually a a lot of a lot of people and one of the things at the time was in the sixties kids were starting to use lsd and as a result they would you know some people had great trips and other people would end up in mental institutions and i remember going with him to both prisons and mental institutions with people that had mental illness and working with them sometimes the mental illness he would he would diagnose as as possession that you know when when when our oranges or our our defense systems are week we can have negative entities discarded entities that basically they were murdered or committed suicide and and they they haven't found they haven't moved on because they think they're still alive and they need a host body so they jump into these people who maybe have the beginnings of mental illness taking drugs or you know an alcohol problem and they start taking them over and that's where some of their mental illness i mean we hear these stories of next door neighbors going on these rampages and killing people and they were the nicest people loving father loving mother whatever and so some of it was was was possession but a lot of it was was passed lives coming forward and my father was able to diagnose that correct it and remove it so yes he did treat people with mental illness all right thank you very much for.

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