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Network court pressure. They get stoked for Kansas state. Final seconds puts up with three. No good. Kansas state San Jose from Westwood One. A number thirteen UC Irvine got back to back threes from Evan letter to spark a deciding role in that upset of case day Leonard max hazard each with nine thousand nine hundred seventeen seventeenth straight win and burst NC double A tournament victory ever. They are currently the lowest see to advance to the second round. And we'll take on Oregon Leonard post game following impressive w was definitely one of the things. I noticed right off the bat. You know, the noise, you know, I don't think I've ever been in arena. I was that loud. So at times it kind of made it hard. But you know, like, you said, it definitely home game in a lot of a lot of our fans travelled. Well, so we appreciate that crowd. Energy urban coach Russell Turner on Freddie and Fitz Symon. Oh, man. It's really exciting. Couldn't be better for my players and my staff and all the folks at UC Irvine kind of waiting to stick our chest out a little bit. And feel real special about what we've done, and I feel like we've got a competitive group that wants to keep grinding. And if we can't take another round you've won seventeen in a row, and I noticed after the game when the celebration was starting back in Irvine California your team did not look surprise. They expected to win where did that come from? Well, that was genuine, you know, I think we have a competent group and team is good. You know, we've been getting better and better really throughout the whole season. And you know, we play Kansas state more than a year ago, and they blasted us and made us look bad. And we knew that that had to be somewhere in their brain. They were likely to be able to have their way with us. You know, sort of withstand the early run. They put on us. To kick the game tied at halftime. We got confidence that coming down the stretch. We'd make your place to wear like we have in Algo sold the close games we played this year. Now.

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